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      During the past few weeks I read some articles on non-traditional treatments for various brain conditions and/or injuries.
      In one of the articles there was a way to get the “fight or flight” system to be able to calm down for PTSD sufferers.
      Later, I read another article stating that people who are abused as children have their “fight or flight” system exhibiting similar characteristics to that of PTSD.
      The similarities were noticed during FMRI studies of the previously abused people.
      It suggested to me that people (like me) who have ADD and have been abused could benefit from that non-traditional treatment.
      We might just get our prefrontal cortex back and lower our hyper vigilance to near normalcy.
      Is there anyone out there that remembers that or similar articles on non-traditional treatments?
      Also, does anyone have any experience with the Mind Flex game and whether it has positive benefits for ADD/PTSD/prefrontal cortex issues?
      If there are benefits do you have any info about how to use it to maximize those benefits?

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      Penny Williams

      I don’t have any insights to offer specific to the Mind Flex game or PTSD, but there are a lot of alternative therapies for ADHD, including brain training, which Mind Flex sounds like it’s probably a type of brain training.

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