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      I am recently diagnosed as an adult with ADHD inattentive type. I work in an office setting and sit in a cubicle. I have a neighbor who is a bit of a loud talker, especially when on the phone. But she also tends to think out loud, she doesn’t know that I have a working memory/ attentiveness struggle, and I have no problem telling her about it, but she is pretty set in her ways. The social worker I worked through the diagnosis with said that in some studies inattentive ADHDers take as much as 5x as long to get back on task after a distraction, this is a struggle for me. I have had success in the past studying for high level certification exams while wearing headphones with instrumental music on, while my kids played in the background. However at work I need to be able to hear if my phone is ringing, are there any tools out there that may help in this situation? It is a huge damper on my productivity trying to tune her out while she is talking with her clients. Thanks for any insights.

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      I would see if there’s some kind of program that links the phone to your work computer to give you a visual cue that the phone is ringing. I had to share a cube with someone who has Tourette’s with really bad, regular outbursts. I got noise cancelling headphones and moved my phone to be right under my monitor so I could see the light flash when my phone rang. Good luck!

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      Check with your IT department and see if your phone and computer can be linked. Some VOIP systems that companies use can push everything to your computer and a window pops up when a call is coming in. You can use the computer to take the call or the handset.
      I also use background music to keep my focus but my phone ringer is set pretty darn loud just in case.

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      Dr. Eric

      I use Bose SportsSounds in-ear plug in earbuds.

      They are not technically noise canceling, but the non-bluetooth ones are really affordable on ebay or amazon and do a great job.

      Real noise canceling or the wireless Bose cost some $$$.

      Add the likelihood that ADHD will make them lost or broken…

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