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      this is my first post, My son Orion is 8 and is diagnosed with combined type ADHD. I am trying to find ways to help him be successful at school and home, especially in regards to focus. I am looking into noise cancelling headphones and would appreciate any feedback. I was reading about the b-calm headphones here and they sound good but are pretty pricey.

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      I am a graduate student and have tried numerous noise canceling headphones to try to block out distractions, however, none of them are fully capable of blocking all sound. What’s worse, they are typically especially poor at blocking out sudden or varying sound, like a sudden laugh from the study carrel across the hall. I have had the greatest success using soft foam earplugs with noise-canceling headphones that are plugged into a device (ipod, computer, etc.) playing beta or gamma waves (many apps and albums to choose from). With this setup, the house could burn down and I wouldn’t notice… just about the only way I can get work done. BTW – if you can’t afford noise-canceling headphones, just get a good-quality over-the-ear pair of regular headphones and make sure you use earplugs with them.

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      Try Sony MDRX-1000, with these you can vary the type on noises that the headphones will allow you to hear or block out everything

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      Penny Williams

      My son takes headphones with him almost everywhere he goes, due to auditory sensitivity. He actually just uses a good pair of over-the-ear headphones and listens to whatever interests him.

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