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      This is my first forum sorry if out of place.
      I’m 33 married, teenage kids ect.

      I am adhd diagnosed and medicated at age 7. Had issues well prior. Been off medication because I lose my job every 3 to 5 months and lose my medical benifits. Plus My wife does not understand nor care to understand how my mind is affected. When I got on medication she complained about how it made me. I stopped taking it my mind is a mess and at wits end. I have no support and have been bottleing it up for years what can I do. I’m struggling to keep afloat. I put on a smile and fake it the best I can. But how can I help myself even I don’t have anyone’s support? If this is in the wrong place or anything I’m sorry I just needed to get this out. Thank you

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      Penny Williams

      There’s a lot you can do. Find a therapist to help you work through the issues you a struggling with. And try alternative treatments, like exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

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        Thank you, due to my wife not believing in adhd makes it hard. If I try to get money to go to a therapist or psychologist or anybody to talk to then to her I’m taking money from the family for something that’s not even real it bothers me but I’m lost without her not to mention like I said I lose my job quite frequently so she’s been keeping me afloat for the past 12 years

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