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      As of Jan 1st 2019 I no longer have insurance. Fortunately, I discovered in the last month what I can do with generic Adderall (Teva). At 10mg, 4 times a day (sublingual–works predictably with much better bio-availability and length–4 hours instead of 2.5 -3 hours if I swallow — depending on food etc).

      So at mid-50’s, I know what it feels like to have somewhat normalized dopamine levels. For the last 3.5 weeks.

      With insurance here in the USA (the only “democracy” without healthcare as a human right) it was $10.00. Without it, at Walgreen’s RX, it will be $795.00 per month.

      I took about 6 different RX discount cards, including an AMAC, and the pharmacist said it would reduce it, depending, somewhere between 10%- 50%, but $400.00 USD is still too much, as I lost my job (thru no fault of my own) on 12/15/18.

      I just went to school, and got new certification in a field where I can do well.

      Most new employees do not get insurance (in this career) for 30, 60, 90 (most common) days after starting.

      Due to life, I am looking at realistically 4-6 months with no insurance.

      Any creative ideas?

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      Penny Williams

      Many medication manufacturers offer a discount card for patients who don’t have insurance or have insurance that covers little to none of the cost. It doesn’t look like Shire offers it for Adderall, but they do for Vyvanse, which is the same type of stimulant:

      There are more possible options in this article:

      These Prescription Assistance Programs May Help You Save Money on ADHD Medication

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      My “Affordable” Care Act insurance is pretty useless for mental health meds. I use – they negotiate good prices with the pharmacies and pass them on to folks at no cost. I wouldn’t be able to stay on my own meds without them. I just go go their site every month and look up my med (generic ritalin in my case). I then get a listing of pharmacies with the price discounts offered… I print out the coupon and head out to the cheapest place. My hubby figured the pharmacies participate because it’s a way to get folks in the store (and then spending money on stuff besides ‘scrips). I just looked up 120 tablets of 10 mg generic Adderal, and it costs $68.48 at Walgreens through Goodrx. More than $10, but way better than $795. I’ve never had a problem with them and highly recommend them… you don’t have to sign up for anything and it’s a free service. Good luck to you.

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      I second goodRX but I look each time, then I call the Dr office and say “Hey please send the Rx to XX Pharmacy, they have the best price” and have been upfront with the Drs office that I am chasing prices. Otherwise Dog only knows what conclusions they may jump to.

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