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      Thought I’d share something that happened a few years ago.
      I was with my mother and we were talking and she got irritated because I’d ask her to repeat what she said, or I’d say “huh what “, she finally yelled “ARE YOU GOING DEAF ”
      I then began to explain that, my hearing is perfect, actual too perfect to be precise, I hear EVERYTHING around me.
      Because of my ADD, as most of you have the same problems, we can’t block out sounds and focus in on someone speaking.
      Then I began to list everything that I was hearing while she was speaking.
      This is why I am so glad someone invented the squishy foam earplugs, they don’t block everything but they sure help.

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      Omg, right there with you, Ranma. I’ve had hearing tests three times because the first two my teachers thought I was deaf, and the third one I wanted to make sure I wasn’t.

      The sentence I always wind up using is that “I am LISTENING, I just can’t HEAR you”. I actually didn’t so much view it as my hearingb being too acute, but rather that I just can’t block out any external sounds to focus on one thing. It all comes in at once. Additionally, it’s very easy to confuse similar-sounding syllables. I had a housemate who once went to voldemort (Baltimore) and spent some time on terrorists (terraces). Look up Central Auditory Processing Disorder. That’s how I explain my hearing issues, and 80% of people with CAPD have ADHD. I describe it as ‘dyslexia for your ears’.

      Anyway, Ranma, you’re not alone. Keep your chin up, and your ears open 😉

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        Thanks, in grade school I had a bunch of hearing tests also, my parents and teachers couldn’t understand why my aptitude and IQ tests were so high, and my grades were so low.
        But because I wasn’t bouncing off the walls they never thought to test me for ADHD, back then if you weren’t hyper you didn’t have ADHD.
        So I got labeled as difficult, lazy doesn’t put fourth any effort, my father would get livid when report cards came.
        I can’t block out sounds either, but having very astute hearing makes it even worse, I drive people nuts because I have to find the source of the annoying sound that I can hear but no one else can.
        High frequencies are extremely painful and really low ones are disorienting.

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