No concerta over summer – should we start up again for school?

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      My son is 8 years old going into 3rd grade. I made the choice to take him off his concerta during the summer, to see how he does and also help his appetite, as the concerta affects his appetite and he doesn’t eat a lot. He remained taking the intuniv throughout the summer. I was very surprised, I didn’t see much of a difference. He was attentive (as much as an 8 yo can be) and was good at summer camp and participated just fine. He gained 8 pounds over the summer, he actually said, I’m hungry when he was and he enjoyed eating and telling me what he likes to eat, which has never happened. School is starting in 2 weeks, I have a call into my son’s pediatrician. I am making the decision to start school without the concerta and will continue with the intuniv. I don’t feel like his behavior is un-manageable, he still reads and writes (may not enjoy it) but he does it. It is healthy that he has a normal appetite and can eat regular and I don’t have to worry about the weight gain shakes, high calorie foods, etc. It was always a fight for him to eat anything at dinner because he wasn’t hungry. Has anyone here ever made the decision not to start the medication up again for school, because the summer went OK? I did hire a tutor for him to help him with reading and writing throughout the school year, he has always struggled with that, not that he can’t do it, he just doesn’t want to. please any input/advice appreciated.

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      Penny Williams

      There are many who do medication vacations during summer break but use ADHD medication whenever in school. I would see how school goes the first couple weeks since he’s done well over the summer. If he’s struggling and/or his self-esteem is being negatively impacted, you can always add a stimulant back.

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