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      This is my first post on the forum so hello to all! I have just been diagnosed at a private clinic in Scotland, aged 40. I have suspected ADHD for several years now, (I have two nephews with ASD, one of which also has ADHD) and had been on the waiting list for an NHS assessment for over a year. I had previously tried to get a diagnosis for ASD (after my nephews diagnosis, this was back in 2012), again through the NHS and was pretty much frog-marched out the door. The attitude was really dismissive. I really should have been screened for ADHD at this time as well. This time around and after some worryingly dismissive letters from the NHS, no appointment for assessment is anywhere in sight and feeling increasingly overwhelmed with my symptoms, working from home and the strain that this has been putting on my relationship, I bit the bullet and paid for a private assessment.

      I was somewhat relieved to finally be diagnosed and have my long held suspicions confirmed. The clinic wrote to my GP proposing shared care, where they make the recommendations and the GP prescribe the medication. This way I get the meds for free on the NHS and just pay the clinic for medication reviews, every 4 weeks until we are sure the medication works and there are no adverse side effects. This then goes to a yearly review appointment. Each review is £65 which i’m ok with as it gets me treated sooner.

      Unfortunately my GP will not prescribe the recommended medication. The clinic that diagnosed me are still awaiting a letter back from the GP about their decision and they will make another push for the GP to prescribe. If they refuse to prescribe again, my Clinic has informed me that I can still get the medication but I will have to pay for it. £15 for the prescription, £65 for a medication review and then how ever much the xaggitin costs at the pharmacy plus the pharmacy administration charge.

      This is the situation I’ve been worrying about. Has anyone been in the same position? If so, how much could this end up costing on a monthly basis? I am still on the waiting list for an NHS appointment in case this goes to pot.

      Any information or advice would be very welcome.


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