Newly diagnosed-what Med’s should I consider from those on offer?

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      Hi there, I have just been diagnosed with ADD having been referred in addition to a recent diagnosis for Autism, I was given a list of three different Med’s to research for myself so that I could make a choice-(a bizarre position to be in as I am the very last person I would go to to decide what is best for myself in any situation!)-however, the list has Methylphenidate Concerta, Lisdexamphetamine and Atomoxetine.
      From what I have read-I concentrated on the side-effects when trying to arrive at an evaluation and I gathered that the Methylphenidate is the least “scary” but as I have already stated, I am not confident in my judgement. The Lisdexamphetamine and Atomoxetine have significant health risks-including Tachycardia and Kidney problems.
      I am aged 60 and so far my life has been a chaotic ongoing carcrash and so I find myself weighing up-or at least attempting to-the benefits/risks of the various Medications, there is a part of me that thinks that I should not really give a damn about the risks as even if I just get a few years where I can enjoy a little of the “Peace Of Mind” I have craved for my entire life before the drugs finish me off it would have been worthwhile but on the other hand, I have two adult daughters with whom I enjoy an especially close loving relationship and who would be devastated if I suddenly dropped dead so perhaps I should really be thinking about longer term solutions.
      Is anyone out there taking any of these drugs and if so , would you kindly share your experiences with me and aid me in reaching the most appropriate decision over which drugs to try first.
      I do not drink alcohol , nor do I take any illegal drugs, I smoke cigarettes and drink copious quantities of black coffee.
      Health issues -I have mild COPD but that is it, I am otherwise in very good physical health and am active on a daily basis.
      Thank You.

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      I’m currently taking Vyvanse (Lisdexamphetamine) the only way to find out what will work for you is trial and error unfortunately. I had a poor experience with concerta however some people find that it works really well for them! Consult your doctor again and decide which you want to try first. The nice thing about most of these meds is that if you have a poor reaction to them early on you can USUALLY just stop taking them. Just always check on that with your physician and pharmacist.

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      I agree. Trial and error. I was on a high dose of atomoxetine and, for me, it was a waste of time and money. Currently on vyvanse, and it’s been pretty good. Have friends on concerta, and that works for them. For me, keeping daily notes of the pros and cons I experienced helped when I did check ins with the doctor. Might be something to try once you decide.

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