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      kylee Evans

      Hi everyone.
      My beautiful 8 yr old son was diagnosed earlier this year with ADHD inattentive type. After 18 months of trial and error we finally gave in to trying medication. The Paed had him originally on Ritalin short acting and it worked a treat I was so shocked at the difference! He then said the Ritalin short acting is not sustainable and so we need to go to a long acting ritalin. We have since tried Concerta and Ritalin LA but it’s as if my son is taking nothing at all. The short acting really works for my son but the paed is against the short acting for longer then 6 months.
      What are other families experience with this? Has anyone heard the same thing about the short acting not being sustainable?
      Thanks in advance!

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      Penny Williams

      The short-acting would be a tough schedule to keep up with, but people do it. The doc may be thinking that your son won’t be able to keep up with a med schedule like that when he’s old enough to self-administer. He’d have to remember to take medicine 2-3 times a day, on a particular schedule.

      Did the doc try increasing the dose on Concerta or Ritalin LA. The effective dose isn’t “transferrable” from short-acting to long-acting. With short-acting, you’re getting a dump of all the medicine at once, full strength. With the long-acting, the medication is time-releasing and doesn’t offer the spike that short-acting does. So, it stands to reason that one may need a higher dose in a long-acting med.

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      I agree with Penny, the short term vs long term affect the brain very differently. I would just add that if you haven’t already, I would see if you can find a child psychiatrist. Pediatricians are great (we love ours) but we have really found the best care for our psychiatrist. I completely understand your frustration as we have been there and one that; it is so difficult and confusing to navigate medication. Finding the right doctor will help with that immensely. Good luck!

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