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      Our son who just turned 12 was recently diagnosed with ADHD with areas of Executive Function Disorder and language processing.

      We are in the process of finding a counselor for him as recommended.

      We are at a crossroads with medication. His focus on homework is out the window. He has temper tantrums that are not age appropriate at home only.

      I am looking for pro’s and con’s experiences with medications. What worked and what didn’t.

      Any input is helpful. Thanks

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      Hi, I have a 12-year-old son with ADHD as well. I also have ADHD and have been taking medication for over 10 years.
      The change with medication is to find the right fit. Ideally, you find a clinician with good references and work through the process with them. It is important to make sure your son does not loos confidence in his ability, and medication can help with that. If they loos confidence it is much harder to get back on track.

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      Dr. Eric

      My favorite quote about medication is from Ned Hallowell’s podcast.

      “Waiting to try meds for ADHD is like telling someone with bad eyesight to squint harder for a year before trying glasses.”

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      Penny Williams

      His behavior isn’t age appropriate sometimes because ADHD is a developmental disorder. He’s behind in some areas, and frustration tolerance and emotional regulation and communication are very likely. Outbursts signal that your child is HAVING a hard time, not GIVING you a hard time.

      Your Child Is Not Giving You a Hard Time. Your Child Is Having a Hard Time.

      Your Child’s ADHD Is an Iceberg

      Medication isn’t a “fix” — it’s one tool in a large toolbox. Medication may help with this and a whole like more, but remember that you have to work on your parenting approach and your child’s lagging skills as well to see real improvement.

      We had a great experience with medication for my son for about 8 years. After puberty, medication became too focusing for him and he couldn’t tolerate it well anymore. It was a complete game-changer for him when it worked though.

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