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      HI all, new member here. I’m happy to say in the last year I’ve figured out a lot about myself which has brought me here. I’m 31, male, and newly tested and diagnosed with ADHD. My entire live has been an endless struggle, and I had absolutely no idea what was wrong with me until diagnosed, I really just thought life was suppose to be this hard, I’ve made a lot of stupid mistakes, failed in a lot of Schooling and then jobs later, moved across country,been married and divorced, moved back across country, and even ended up with Multiple DUI”s the last one I’m currently still fighting with. I’ve quit drinking 8 months now, and have spent my moments of focus studying my and our condition.I have a wonderful girlfriend who alsuffers from an anxiety disorder, and am currently trying to get my life back on track. At the time of the Diagnosis the Neuropsychiatrist who was a really cool guy, recommended I be started on a stimulant, and that I’d find a lot of the symptoms would be lessened to the point I could think clearly without bouncing from thought to thought, and worry to worry. When I informed my GP and the results were sent over, he started me on Guanfacine, which made me very tired and irratible, and then Strattera, which I lasted only a week on due to horrible side effects (after some research it seems that medication has the most side effects of any). Originally my Dr wanted me to try it for 2 weeks,
      But I just couldn’t handle the feelings and side effects at my Job, (I’m a production line welder, pretty physical job) Now I’m scheduled to go in next Wednesday, and “talk about other medications”. I found it strange that he had not tried a stimulant first with me after reading that, stimulants are the first line of treatment after diagnosis, I’m guessing he is just one of those Dr”s that want to try them as a last resort. Anyways That’s where I’m at so far in my Journey, it’s a pleasure to be here,


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      Penny Williams

      Hi John!

      Yes, unfortunately, many GPs will avoid stimulants, because they don’t have experience with them. If you can have a specialist manage your ADHD treatment, that would be ideal. The specialist that you saw recommended a stimulant in the first place.

      Choosing a Professional to Diagnose and Treat ADHD

      The drinking could very well be self-medicating your ADHD, so the right treatment could make a huge positive difference in your life.

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      Thank you for your advice and kindness. I educated myself as best as I could in a week with information mostly from this site, and had a chat with my DR, he agreed to try methadate CD first(but I had to sign a contract that basically said I have to do pretty much anything they ask pertaining to medication) and it’s making me very irritable, but also helping a bit at the same time, I guess the only way I can describe it is that I feel more mindful of everything around me, but no help with focus, or motivation. I let them know, and they said to go thru the weekend and give a symptom report to them on monday, so that’s the plan.

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      Well, to update this, the methadate CD is making me very tired all day and into the night, Im sleeping more and more since starting it. I followed up on Monday and explained this to my DR, as well as letting him know I’d like to try something else. It’s been 3 business days and they have read my messages but have not responded. I understand that people get busy, but they have always replied the same day if not the following morning to me, and frankly I’m not only irritated, but considering finding a 3rd GP and ditching this one. I’m on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist with no set date for a call back, and I know that’s who I should be seeing for the ADHD. Anyone else have these problems when they were diagnosed?

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