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      Hi everyone. I’m hoping for a little advice and support please. My dd has just gone through thEe process of assessment. She is youngest of 3 gorls. My eldest in on the ASD and my middle daughter has a genetic disorder. I am pretty tired. Today the psych gave me premilinary results that she has adhd. Her verbal is off the charts high but it’s the working memory that is problematic. Sorry if my terms are off I don’t have the formal info yet. My question is that the psych said today that she needs help with her anger and negative feedback. I’m wanting to know what I should be looking up here on the site for adhd with comorbid anxiety. I’m think I’m rambling. Thank you

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      Hi. I have a son with ADHD anxiety and ASD. Hes now 12. We have been doing what you are doing for about 7 years. We have seen loads of people. Everyone is different. He doesnt really like stims and nor do i (I have ADHD). Its hard when you have more than one thing going on and when they are 7 they cant explain themselves as well as we can.

      My view is that the main aim for me is for him to be happy. Ritalin etc made him better at school and more compliant but worse at home an more anxious and emotional. He still had massive emotional outbursts, screams and shouts, was very rude to adults, got a bad rep at school, nobody allowed to play with him etc. No chance of a school camp or outing without us there, teachers simply wouldnt do it.

      Anyway I am pleased to say hes doing great and I am very proud. Hes started a new school with hardly any issues. He can play sport without being sent off or running off. He is much more calm and measured. Every year we look back and hes go a bit better, but the one thing I would say, without doubt, that has made the most difference to his mood and emotional regulation is
      risperdal. We wrung our hands about it. It wasnt what you would choose, but its made a massive difference to him. He sleeps well on it and he is a mostly happy boy.
      he takes a pretty low dose at night.

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        Thank you for your response. What are stims? My head is reeling a bit because as you say you just want them to feel happy as much as they can. She is great at school we have no issues with behaviour at school but at home oh my goodness her temper and response to most things is frightening. At school she keeps it together. I am glad your son is doing well right now. It’s such a stressful situation. Xx

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      Penny Williams

      Sounds like lagging frustration tolerance and emotional regulation. We found occupational therapy to be helpful in building these skills when my son was young. This article also outlines my advice for parents in this situation:

      Learn the Right Reasons for Your Child’s “Wrong” Behavior

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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        Hi. Sorry, just means stimulants, eg ritalin, concerta, adderal dexamphetamine. I am not sure about these and anxiety. They help the ADHD but they can make some kids less anxious but some more (and me). They also affect sleep Its hard because they cant really explain how they feel. I am not knocking them at all. I have found concerta best.

        What I am saying is that for what I would refer to as the emotional dysregulation, in my sons case frustration and anger and embarrassment leading to hugely out of proportion reactions then the risperdal was the missing link for us. Plus it helps sleep. I do not think they give it to adults as an adjunct for ADHD, but they do give to kids at a low dose.

        Maybe a stimulant alone will be the answer, but I thought your lot sounded a bit like us a while back, so I thought I would share this as requested. I hope it is useful.

        I am not surprised you are pretty tired.

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        Thank you thank you for the reply. I’m very nervous about starting meds as she’s only 7 and I just don’t know how I can monitor it all. I appreciate so so much your response xx

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