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      Hi all,
      So i was recently diagnosed at 25. I was started on concerta 18mg and was feeling great!
      Then i had an emotionally triggering event ( failed my final unit at uni due to shingles and being undiagnosed) its been over a month now and ive upped ir to 36mg. But im not having the same amount of energy or focus, i think due to that event! Just super depressed. Which before i was able to deal with off the meds. Anyone else felt that, im dealing, but its probably the most ive ever struggled. Thoughts? Suggestions? Ive got appointments with both my team soon. But anyone else experienced an emotional event make your meds not work? Ta

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      Why not ask for genetic testing for adhd drug efficacy? Some people have enzymes/genetic markers that show how that individual responds to adhd, antidepressant and pain medication to name a few. For example I was on concerta but needed an ever increasing dose to be helpful and come to find out that I have some genetic factor that makes me respond better to the adderal family. So switched to Adderall 30 XR and it works so much better! I also had to switch antidepressants for the same reason. it was night and day!

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      Penny Williams

      Stimulants can increase anxiety and stress, and your focus on them. You may need more support to work past this event and get back on track (therapy or counseling).

      I know it feels really life-altering now, but it is absolutely something you can recover from (failing at uni). There are many, many successful people who stumbled at one point. And those with ADHD are often “late bloomers.”

      “From Screw-Up to Awesome in Nine Steps ”

      I’m wondering, too, if you can get some sort of medical waiver or leave to lessen the impact, since you were very sick.

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      Failing Uni classes is very disappointing. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an when I was in my late 20’s after failing my Master’s classes. I knew something was off but was assured by my instructors that it was due to the increased academic demand (it wasn’t). I knew by the way I felt that something was off. I had always been an A and B student. also, I had a lot of anxiety and consequent depression due to many factors, including my academics. I was living on the other side of the country and there was a lot going on. After I dropped the classes and when home, I was assessed and diagnosed. I also started taking a low dose antidepressant for depression and anxiety. I’d always had a small degree of anxiety. I found out that ADHD and anxiety or depression often can come together. Both medications have helped.

      Some medications may not be a good fit for your chemical makeup.
      When I dropped my courses, I had to write a letter to the dean, explaining why I was dropping, what I was doing to do to address my problem (AHDA) over the following year, and ask that my grades not be recorded or for a late withdraw, and request being allowed to return the following year. This is how the do it in the US. I don’t know how they do it in the UK. Perhaps you can make a similar request, with paperwork showing extenuating circumstances. When I was assessed, I was given accommodations for extra time for assignments. The next time I attended a master program (same subject, different school by choice), I allowed myself to be talked out of using my accommodations by the chair of my department. DO NOT LET SOMEONE TALK YOU OUT OF YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS. It was one of my biggest mistakes. I also had instructors who did not understand my methods for working around my disabilities and told me that they were just “bandaids” and didn’t address the problem. I all these things, I didn’t stick up for myself. That was another mistake. You know yourself better than other people. I knew myself.

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