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      First post, thought I’d introduce myself and share some background. I apologize if it’s a little long…..

      I’m 59 and had some major changes in my life about 4 yrs ago…. retired from previous job of 25 yrs., wife had some medical issues, moved, and took up new (more stressful) position with Engr. firm. About 18 months ago, I decided that something wasn’t quite right and talked with my Dr. Went through a series of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant meds that made me feel even worse. During an appt. with a psychiatrist I’d been seeing, I made some offhand remark about my school grades (how they went up and down). She looked up at me and asked me to fill out a questionnaire. When I gave it back to her, she took one look and told me that I probably had ADD. Not being from a generation that grew up with ADD being a “thing”, I had no real idea what it really meant. But as we talked, I learned that a lot of what I thought of as normal “growing pains” were anything but.

      Seems like I have daily revelations about things that happened in the past. I’m also realizing that I’d found “workarounds” and strategies over the course of my life that helped me navigate without realizing what it was that I was navigating around. And I’m now aware that stress is a huge trigger for symptoms.

      Right now, I’m trying to deal with the low moods and low social motivation issues. Thinking of trying dopamine enhancing supplements (L-Tyrosine, St. Johns Wort, etc.).

      Wish I’d known about ADD/ADHD long ago… but I have no doubt that there is, and will be, a lot of helpful info on the board here.

      It is comforting to know that others deal with some of the same issues….. you all have my empathy!

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      Your story is so similar to mine!! I’m an electrical engineer and have tried everything you have. My advice would be to stay away from anti depressants, St. John’s wort etc it’s the wrong medication for you and will only make things worse, I don’t know if you have spoken with your physiatrist about the right treatment but for me it was a game changer. Over night my mood lifted, I had patience, focus and my drive back can’t say whether you would be the same but I definitely try it if you have t already.

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      Thanks Justin. Yeah, I’m Civil… thanks for the heads up. I think Ritalin has been best for me on focus, but I have to limit my use to when I need to “be on”. It’s the mood and drive issues I’m dealing with now. My psy is certainly willing to work with me on meds, but we haven’t had any luck with the anti-D’s so far (and we’ve tried about half dozen). It’s great to hear that there’s hope. Still boggles to think that this was so long in the discovery….

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