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      I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 12 but now I am 20. This past summer I retook the “test” to see if I had ADD when I moved so I could continue medication. This new test had me wear a headband on my head I was told to stay still look at a computer screen and to hit the spacebar only when a certain star popped on the screen. Basically I broke the test my responses were so impulsive that I didn’t meet any other requirements for ADD. My doctor said that he had seen this once before and diagnosed me with Impulse Control Disorder NOS. He ended up increasing my dosage of concerta which has helped me a lot. What I am confused about and haven’t gotten a clear answer is why am I on ADD medication if I no longer have ADD. I am also confused if this diagnosis made any sense after researching Impulse Control Disorders it seems they mostly concern pyromania, kleptomania, and nymphomania. Those being issues I have never faced in my life. I do pull out my hair sometimes (trichotillomania???) and have a bald spot on the back of my head but that’s it. Has anyone else had an experience with the new test similar to this and does anyone have a clear answer to why I am still on ADD meds if I no longer have ADD?

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      Penny Williams

      That test is not the standard practice for evaluating for and diagnosing ADHD. It is not widely accepted, because it isn’t as solid as the traditional method of evaluation.

      How Is ADHD Diagnosed?

      Impulse control is part of ADHD, so it’s not a total stretch, but I’d work on getting an appropriate evaluation if you want a solid diagnosis.

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