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      I am a User Experience Design student in Germany.

      User Experience aims to develop and improve products and services by focusing on user’s needs.
      To me the user is the center of all design and development decisions I make.
      It is of importance to me to understand how people feel when using products and I want to improve their experience with products.

      My idea is to develop a new Task Management App for Project Management Teams as well as for individuals that adds additional value to people who struggle with EFD and ADD, focusing on any kind of special needs people with ADD and EFD have to be able to organise their daily private and work life in an easier way.

      I am very interested in understanding how a Task Management App should be designed to make it easier for people with ADD and EFD to organise their lives.

      I have ADHD in my own family and think that there is not enough attention paid to the needs of people with ADD and EFD.

      This is why I decided to develop this Task Management App.

      To gain some first insights, I have created a short survey ( 8 questions, estimated time to complete approx. 3 minutes).

      I would be very thankful and happy to find people who do participate and provide as much information and input as possible, so I can start to design a first prototype.

      This is the link to my survey:

      Please help me to help.

      I highly appreciate any kind of feedback and look forward to be able to change something in the lives of people with ADD and EFD.

      Many many thanks to all of you.

      Greetings from Germany!


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