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      wandering away

      Hello, everyone. I went to a psychiatrist for the first time today, and even though she was recommended to me by a good doctor, some things really put me off. Mainly when I told her how hard it has been for me to function this last year, with my ADHD symptoms exacerbated by losing a lot due to Covid, and also feeling symptoms of pandemic fatigue.

      She never asked me to elaborate on any of this, but told me that she didn’t normally prescribe medications to someone who doesn’t have a job. I finally convinced her to give it to me anyway when I explained my biggest obstacle for finding work is my functioning problem. I already had told her most my life I had trouble with job stability til I found a medication that had worked for a while.

      I didn’t tell her but I did a whole lot of babysitting this year for my sister who’s a single mom. What if I was a stay at home mom, would that mean I couldn’t get help with my ADHD?? I told her I was doing stuff, not just lying around. But I don’t think I should have had to tell her that.
      How does this sound to others here, especially if you’ve had experience with psychiatrists?

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      Penny Williams

      Sounds like she has a rigid and narrow view of ADHD and ADHD treatment. It may be time to find a new clinician.

      Use This Checklist to Assess ADHD Doctors and Clinicians

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      wandering away

      Thank you. I’m definitely considering that.

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      wandering away

      Thank you. I’m definitely considering that. Also, she’s forcing me to take a drug test first — I don’t know how normal that is when a person wants ADHD medication.

      She’s putting me on Concerta, but won’t allow me to access it until I’ve waited 5 days to clear my system from taking a certain herb I’ve been consuming for years. It’s legal in my state, most states, and not as strong as weed (I had to edit my first post because apparently you can’t mention it on this board, either lol).

      Her only reason given is that it’s an herb that can be addictive, nothing about it clashing with Concerta. It just seemed intrusive, and not something to concern herself with.

      Yes I want to look for someone new, but only if this is strange behavior for a psychiatrist. Maybe all of them have to follow certain guidelines and it’s not her fault.
      Thanks again.

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      Hi wandering away.
      She sounds fishy to me-certainly enough that I wouldn’t want to keep her as my psychiatrist.
      I’m really curious about the “needing to take a drug test” thing. I hope some other readers will respond regarding that.
      I never had that happen in three times of requesting ADHD meds from a psych.
      But the first time I was diagnosed by a doctor, I was 50-and amazingly, she was a psychiatrist who had, 50 years before, been
      the general practitioner who “birthed” me! So, she kind of felt like she really knew me.
      Later, my ADHD was “on the charts” so to speak. So even though I had been on and off ADHD meds, I guess the psychiatrists I worked with believed I definitely had ADHD and had an idea of the med that worked for me, (Vyvanse).

      I have gone through dealing with a few who don’t seem to believe I should get stimulants. Once was because I was having
      a problem with alcohol. Even though I went through detox, and had been sober for 6 months, one doctor said, “Let’s wait and see if you’re still sober three months from now.”
      You don’t want to know the things I have called her in my head, but maybe you can guess.

      And there was this one, at the county mental health clinic, who tried to give me the same crap your psychiatrist gave you,
      saying I shouldn’t need ADHD drugs if I wasn’t working or attending school. Even though, like you, I told the doctor my ADHD was what was keeping me from having a job. I lasted two Zoom sessions with her. Screw that attitude.

      ADHD affects EVERYTHING in your life-at least, it does for a lot of us. I have a long-suffering boyfriend of eleven years
      who is REALLY glad I finally found a psychiatrist who listens, understands my ADHD symptoms, and prescribes me what I need.
      He is stuck at home with me, and now he HAS to work at home, thanks to Covid. I can be nearly unbearable to be with if
      NOT on Vyvanse.
      I found a great psychiatrist after much searching. She was advertised online on Psychology Today. I have since been told by others that this is a good place to find a psych. I would suggest you keep looking and never forget how much you know ADHD affects you. Others can’t live in your skin. They simply can’t know. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Good luck!

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