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      minas mom

      Hello I am new to this forum. I have a beautiful 7 year old girl. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD about last year. I have myself suffered with ADHD my whole life. My daughter and her father are divorced since she was about 3 and half. I today had a dr appointment with the pysch dr and with by god’s grace her father agreed to meds. He does not communicate or co parent with me at all. My daughter is in first grade and her biggest challenges are math and reading. She would be considered behind in school and in gross motor compared to other 7 year olds. My daughter is very defiant. we fight all the time, she does not have any respect for me all. She struggles with anxiety and social and emotional. I have recently been reading different book to her regrading social and emotional and behavior as well as some adhd workbooks from amazon. I have tried to get her to understand this is not mean there is anything wrong with her. I have struggled my whole life in school and not being able to focus. Any ideas or suggestions you parents have would be amazing. thanks

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      Penny Williams

      I challenge you to change the way you think about her behavior. Ask yourself what her intention is. Most 7-year-olds aren’t intentionally disrespectful. So, what’s the underlying cause of the behavior that looks like disrespect? THAT is what you need to focus on and address. My parenting mantra is “My child isn’t GIVING me a hard time, he’s HAVING a hard time.” That helps me keep the right perspective and keep calm, which helps tremendously.

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