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      My 13 year old is still having issues to find the perfect medication for his ADHD. He stopped taking stimulants for several months now. He is currently taking Strattera but even with the increased dosage he still he has no focus, impulsive, and hyper.

      Now his doctor has decided we try him back on Focalin 20 mg with a medication to help with hallucinations. I am a little nervous about this.
      I hope my son can finally have a solution.

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      Penny Williams

      Some individuals with ADHD really struggle to find a medication that works for them, without a lot of side effects. Medication trials can provoke a lot of anxiety, but know you can stop a medication if there are intolerable side effects.

      Make sure the doctor is titrating from the lowest dose and only adding one new medication at a time, so you can see which medication is causing problems, if that happens.

      How Do ADHD Doctors Titrate Medication?

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