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      I have recently been started on 20mg x2 of adderall xr (+15 mg Sandoz booster). I noticed since switching over from only the Sandoz brand to the Amerigen brand, I am unfocused, lethargic or slightly anxious with no benefit to my energy or focus.

      I’ve discussed with the pharmacy and they insist brands don’t make a difference, but I know I myself am very sensitive to drug changes and that others on the forums had differing experiences with brands.

      Amerigen seems to be a brand new supplier of adderall, having started to in January of 2019.

      I was wondering if anyone else has tried this brand and has any personal input regarding efficacy?

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      Penny Williams

      Different manufacturers can make a huge difference. The generic can be as much as 15% different from the brand (I think that number is correct), and be approved as a generic. Plus, the additives can be different, as well as the time-release mechanism. That can add up to a huge difference.

      If there’s a specific generic that you did well with, call around to different pharmacies until you find one willing to stock it for you.

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        I’ve had the same experiences with different genetic brands! My last prescription for Adderal was filled by Actavis pharmaceuticals and it feels like I haven’t taken anything. I’ve been tired. no motivation or focus. My insurance will not cover the Brand name for Adderall. It’s not right that they are giving us defective medications because they are too cheap to give us the brand name medications ! They say they are the same but they definitely are not!
        Can anyone tell us what genetic is good for Adderall?! It will be hard to find a pharmacy that Carrie’s a certain generic brand and they keep changing brands anyway ?! Why ? ☹

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        I have been on Adderall XR for years, insurance decided to go generic. I was given Actavis/Teva it what the pharmacy told me the manufacture was. They are the same manufacture. I have never felt so horrible!!! The closest one I have found that is close to the brand name Adderall is Impax generics. I have some friends that say that Mydayis is just like the brand and lasts longer. I plan on seeing my doctor and changing.

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        I’m having the same problem, it’s awful and so unfair for the drug companies to fool around with the contents. I’ve been on adderall Er for 15+ years I’ve had every generic brand there is and never had a problem until Actavis. It is 100% completely ineffective for me. That being said, I was able to work around the problem by going to different pharmacies if they only had actavis. So if CVS has activis I would go to rite aid or if not, Walgreens. Then out of nowhere a few months ago my doctor told me I’m “pharmacy hopping”. I explained why I fill at different locations. She repeated back to me the same thing and did not even address what I told her. She then made me sign a “add medication contract” stating that I will only fill at one pharmacy and I’m not even allowed to change location let alone pharmacy name. So now mom sitting here with a tremendous problem on my hands because the pharmacy I committed to only has actavis right now and they are not expecting to receive any different brands in the near future. What in the world do I do with this? I can function to some degree for a day without but come the second day I can’t even move. I’ll never be able to make it to work.

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        OMG! What state are you located in?!?! I would report the pharmacist and the pharmacy to the FDA. But first- I want you to call my pharmacists at CVS and tell them what’s going on. Ask for Ivy or Eric (they’re the head pharmacists- I believe Eric is on today since it’s Wednesday). Tell him that you’re a friend of their sometimes favorite / sometimes nightmare adhd patient. If they still don’t catch on, say “she says to tell you it’s currently 82 in Palm beach, Florida and your postcards are on the way.” They will say “oh Laura.” ( I want you to establish a humorous rapport with them so they know you’re legit). Tell them exactly what you wrote on the forum, and basically what went down. They will be able to tell you what your rights are and what the pharmacist can and cannot do legally.
        Tell them I advised you to file a complaint with as well as (I’m an advocate for Chris Elliott writes for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Orlando Sentinel, the Boston Globe and the Los Angeles times, submit your issue to our advocates so it hits his radar and they will be able to help you out.
        PS tell My pharmacist you will be reporting back to me with the results and I will be with my bosses today and that includes Bloomberg, Bellissimo and Gates. They will be at your service with bells and whistles on.

        Hit me up on my cell if you need any advice prior to calling. 802.738.9738

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        Do they still make the AD 30 orange circle? There’s been an epidemic of counterfeit pressed pills, tho I never saw a counterfeit Adderall, this is how I will know.

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      I noticed yesterday that the time release profile is significantly different on the Amerigen. I was feeling wired towards late afternoon which is quite unusual. It’s giving me insomnia (after I finally adjusted to being able to sleep on the other brand) as well. I’ll definitely ask around next time I get my rx filled.

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      The Actavis brand did absolutely nothing for me way so ever. I told my pharmacist this and they just continue to say that FDA wouldn’t approve it if t weren’t equivalent to brand name Adderall. Which is just completely false because I know for a fact these things do NOTHING. I had taken the Milan brand for the first few months and was finding that I was kind of itchy and my hands were a bit red along with my ears… I then tried to TEVA Brand and it has literally done Enders for me in terms of my ADD symptoms. I finally feel clear and focused and no symptoms of crashing or overly medicated. It’s all on what’s people prefer though. Some people say that the TEVA brand is too much for them and they develop anxiety, the Sandoz does that for me. My opinion TEVA is the best, actively been taking it for two years now and have only had an issue one time where I felt like they weren’t working as well. You can ask your doctor to. Write on your prescription what brand you prefer. So you don’t have to go through the month with a generic that does not work for you. Everyone’s body is different.

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      Yes i have had the same feeling as pluont participant. I’ve had brand name adderall xr and has done wonders for me, but since im full time im college now had to get generic. First i had teva and worked pretty good. After i got my next refill i felt lethargic after about a week of taking it and unfocused after a few hours. That’s what made me start checking the manufacturer it was amerigen. Gave me really bad dry mouth and wore off fast with bad crash. In my opinion anyone having the same issues should boycott this and stick to what works as far as generics teva has my trust as well as many others.

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      The actavis brand does the same thing. I feel so terrible the whole month, my adhd symptoms are way worse than if I were not medicated. Please, report any bad generics to the fda. The beads inside the actavis brand are all white, not mixed orange and white. It’s so hard to Navigate the pharma world! Try costco pharmacy.

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      Same problem and I was Adderall for 25 years same dose… now after trying to switch to anything else… I’ve been with an ER pill at all in the A.M. and made my life hell! I have I been made to experiment because of the insurance company they will not allow a brand name only no matter how many prior authorizations are done…
      I can’t get the other adhd varieties to work or have a horrible reaction to them… the only one covered under ‘this plan’ is the antigen manufacturer?? What can we do? My business is dying and I’m a single mom. Maybe we should all report to ??? No clue and doubt it will do much but perhaps if a lot of people speak up… we might make some noise? Any help is greatly appreciated
      PS anyone know the name of the name brand manufacturer for our Adderall XR 20mg
      Many thanks guys

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      A good review relating to generic drugs:

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        The link was removed from my message above. So I’ll describe it here. A good article about generic drugs:

        New York Times, May 11, 2019
        “Americans Need Generic Drugs. But Can They Trust Them?”

        An excellent review of a recent book by Katherine Eban about drug labs in India that are licensed to make hundreds of different generic drugs for the US market. An FDA investigation pulled back the curtain.

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        I have had the same problem. I use the regular release but I have been in the same boat. I got prescribed generic Adderall that was made by a pharmaceutical manufacturer in India, called Sun Pharmaceuticals. Not to discredit India, making Adderall requires a precise special chemical reaction to get the right chemical compound. I have visited a few of the smaller less known pharmaceutical manufacturer website, and I notice by looking at the website, it is strange to see some of the sites, as they are built with a basic look and functionality? Also, from looking at their site, I don’t get a sense of where the origin of some of these companies are manufacturing? Being a computer science major, my instincts tell me the expected information missing is suspicious, in a way that looks like these websites are just spinoff companies appearing as a U.S. company, which they are, but are really facades to help a big foreign Pharmaceutical company to use such a facade to market transactions in the U.S.? I have not looked at Amerigen website. I believe you 100%, if you’re not getting the same effect, it wasn’t made the right way. I would stick with well known U.S. or European Pharmaceutical companies. Not all foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers are bad. TEVA in my opinion, is the best manufacturer of Generic Adderall I have been prescribed. I am new to this site, I am glad I can communicate with other folks like me, thanks.

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      I am having the same trouble. Even writing this is difficult for me right now. I have been on Adderall for 7 years and never have had a reaction like this. No focus, fidgety, crazy thoughts. What is going on? This is definitely not the same as my regular prescription. It also is giving me mild head aches. I called the pharmacist and she said there is nothing they can do they can’t take it back because it is against the law. So what am I suppose to do not take my medication until next month. I have only have this for a week. Giving it a couple of days just to be sure it was not just in my head. It is definitely not. I’m sorry but in any other form of business if you give your customers a faulty product it’s up to the company to provide a replacement. Not only that the pharmaceutical company should be liable if anything happens to these customers that are clearly not getting the same product. This is a class A drug and should not be something they play around with generic wise. There could be detrimental consequences. I guess I will have to continue taking this crap since I have no choice. However if I have any adverse side effects like being hospitalized or going into a crazy episode. You better believe I am suing the crap out of this company and the people who filled it. I trust these company’s to give me a quality product. They have my life in there hands they need to start acting that way. Also for those of you that are wondering what to do and where your pill came from. First the number on the pill is where you start. Just type it in to google. It will tell you who made it. Just be careful since it says it may not match up exactly. So in my case I noticed the dark orange ones where different then the light orange ones even though they say they are the same there not. Anyway you then have the manufacture and where it was repackaged. Save this info along with the paperwork you get from the pharmacy. It’s also best to save at least one of the pills. If u have a reaction or they are not working for you. Call the company and state all this. Demand a refund and if they refuse I think it’s time we start looking into are legal rights when it comes to this kind of thing

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      The original name brand changed my life and I had close to 4 wonderful years with my symptoms well under control. Then something definitely changed. This month I unfortunately was filled some CVS that does absolutely nothing for my executive functioning. I haven’t accomplished much of anything this month. My laundry is piled up and the dishes are now. I forgot to schedule a couple appointments and just feel very hyper. Opinions on the brand that is most like the original?? I can’t wait to get my new script filled in 4 days.

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      I also just filled an Adderall 10 mg rx at CVS and this particular generic has done nothing for me. It is manufactured by Sandoz Pharnaceuticals. The generic Adderall manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals was very helpful. I just listened to the NPR Fresh Air podcast “The Dark Side of Generic Prescription Drugs” and boy is it scary.

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      Something has to be done against the lack of quality standards. It happened to me MANY YEARS ago when I was switched from Brand to Gen and it went south after that.

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      I have taken 30mg of adderall since the late 90s. Over the years Ive had it filled at every different pharmacy in town primarily due to the lack of supply and the vast difference in pricing between pharmacies. When I had insurance with copays, the price didn’t matter but without insurance, I paid over $100 at Walgreens to as little as $30 at Costco and Walmart. I am currently without insurance so Ive been filling my meds at Costco and they suddenly stopped working. I can take 2 30mg pills and they do absolutely nothing. I am not sure if its due to the manufacturer or if my body has built up a tolerance to the drug itself. The pills from Costco are white, octagon shape with a M on one side and “30” on the other side. Does anyone know the manufacturer of this white octagon pill?? Before I give up on Adderall altogether, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the lack of effectiveness is due to bad manufacturing. When I find the name of this manufacturer, I am going to call around until I find a pharmacy that uses a different manufacturer. Thanks

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        Sounds like you got the Mallinckrodt generic. 🙁 I know bc I did too, right before a month long trip to the UK where it was NOT remotely possible to replace it!!! Omg, no effectiveness at all plus it made me ill. I will never accept another pill from that company. My scripts are now Sandoz/Teva only.

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      I think the manufacturer of your generic is MaMallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. I had the same issue with another generic (Sandoz)… it did absolutely nothing. There is a lot of variability among the generics and it’s a real problem. I’ve had good luck with the Teva generic. My pharmacy has put “no Sandoz” in my profile and with some notice will order Teva for me. I hope you’re able to find another generic that works.

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        I had the same issue with the Sandoz. I knew something was up immediately. I have also noticed I am not sleeping as well with Sandoz. Full Melatonin and I still wake up a couple times a night. I used to only have need of a 1/4 melatonin and i was good the whole night.

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      From Amerigen’s website “Amerigen launched its first product on the U.S. market in 2014 following the approval of an ANDA for carbidopa 25mg tablets, then the first generic equivalent to Valeant’s Lodosyn®. The Company now manufactures, from its site in Suzhou, multiple oral finished dose products that are commercialized under an Amerigen label in the U.S. and China markets. In addition, Amerigen has a rich pipeline of filed ANDA’s and advanced development projects.” interesting…… Atleast they state that they manufacture with partners In Asia.

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      I’ve been taking this a month and haven’t noticed until a few days ago. I just trusted it was all the same. I’m a nervous wreck. I haven’t been at work mich this month and I have been so anxious, I can barely sit still. I’m in school and I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown, or anxiety attack, or something. I cry more often. I feel terrible. No one is listening to me when I tell them something about the med and the way it is acting with my system isn’t rigjt. I’ve kinda been scared. People have been constantly asking if I’m ok, and I snap at them. I work at a day care and I don’t have the patience so I just don’t go. The only thing I like to do is stay in my bed. I’m not interested in ANYTHING! I just can’t believe no one will listen to me. Any advice?

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      Omg I am so relieved right now. I have been on the xr (generic) for 4 years and… (I honestly can’t even remember what I was going to say. And I took my medication today). If I remember the thought I will come back and post it. Thank you for all of your posts, comments, feedback. I was beginning to think I was going crazy.

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      Does anyone know if the name brand Adderral tablets are still being manufactured? The first ones I was preseever prescribed….AD 30 , orange circle. Are these still manufactured? And by who? I’m not talking about the Teva/Barr ones .

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      Angela Adamson

      Some doctors have struggled to stabilize patients who became sicker after they were switched from a brand-name to a generic, or between generic versions. A low-cost drug is not a bargain if it doesn’t work.

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      I unfortunately got hit with two refills (eight months apart) of XR that’s made (in China) for Amerigen Pharmaceuticals and experienced the exact same ill results as before. It’s not immediately apparent but the effacy noticeably diminishes quickly after a few hours. I’ve been on the same dosage of XR for over 15 years and have experienced my fair share of woes getting switched with certain generics in the past but after enduring my second round from Amerigen, I can
      attest they are the worst I’ve had.

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      I actually had the opposite of the first post. I was on Amerigen for about 4 months now and it is my first go with adderall(generic) er or any adhd med. Amerigen made me feel like superman, then i got the sandoz since our rx closed a couple of weeks ago. Went to walgreens and got what they gave and it felt like nothing. I am trying to supplement with caffeine and use my homeworks(ir tblets) more often. I stopped taking homeworks since the drop off was such a big hit to my emotions. I have been calling Rxs in the area to see if I can find Amerigen. My Pharmacy friend did say the Pharmacy can put whatever generic they have for the refill. The only way he said you can really tell is by looking at the pill since the label doesnt have to be correct. Word of advice is to take a picture every month just in case they do switch providers. Looking forward to next month when I switch to a different Pharmacy.

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      It should be noted that TEVA manufactures both Generic and Brand forms of Adderall IR, having acquired the rights when they acquired BARR, which itself bought the rights from Shire PLC (now Takeda).

      The brand and generic forms were actually pretty similar for a number of years, following the acquisition; but the generic has in my opinion degraded over the course of the last two years.

      Why do I think this? Because I was taking TEVA generic Adderall in 2014, then switched to the brand form, and took that until late 2018, when I switched back to the generic. Although I don’t recall any longer what switching back to generic was like, I do remember that switching to the brand version in 2014 didn’t seem to make much difference. At the same time, I can also say that for over a year now, I have consistently felt a worsening in the effectiveness of the generic. By now (11/2011) the generic made by TEVA does little to keep me awake, causes various physical side effects, and also wears off more quickly. I remember waking up more easily in the morning while I was taking the brand version, because I could still feel the effect from the previous day. By comparison, the generic at this point no longer keeps me awake at all — an odd thing, considering this is supposed to be an amphetamine.

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