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      I was diagnosed as a kid with ADHD and when I go through symptom list they are my life in it’s entirety. I have sat here for years trying to work on myself so that I can be this successful person I want to be, but I sit here typing on my computer in a shitty little trailer with no job. I want to make my life better, yet I severely lack the motivation to get started again. I had all these super big dreams when I was in my early 20’s and now, going on 31, I feel like I’ve lost a lot of that. Just the shit that was making my life more difficult is still here and stronger than ever. I’ve read through the different types of ADD, I have a hardcore mix of both types, Inattentive and Hyperactive-Impulsive. I went onto WebMD and read the symptoms and literally have every single one enough to be able to recall recent examples as recent as yesterday! So here’s my thing. I have been against medication for a long time; I’ve taken a bunch of different medications that were prescribed to me but all of them either made me a zombie with no soul or sense of humor or anything (basically a shell of myself), or they killed my sex drive or anything related to personality. I’m not about that, I want to fix the habits that I have so I can live without medication, but lo and behold, here I am — I have no idea what to do about this shit. I have tried so many different things to get my life straightened out and just get the basic shit handled and can’t roll through with ANY of them! This is in any area of my life, my basic organization skills, health, friendships, self esteem, whatever you want to call it. I lack in everything of my life and it feels like it’s just getting worse as I go along day to day. I don’t want to ruin my life because of an inability to handle everyday tasks, but seriously though. I feel like medication might be the only way to have some measurable improvement, yet that’s exactly what I don’t want to do.

      I am just blurting out a bunch at the moment, not much direction here and don’t honestly even know what I am really trying to do. Maybe asking for help from someone who’s overcome these challenges, I might just be trying to type this shit to get it out of my head, either case, here’s my plight — what can I do??

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      Penny Williams

      Your brain works differently. Without accepting and addressing that, little will change. Some sort of treatment could improve your life greatly. It sounds like the meds you tried before were the wrong ones for you or weren’t dosed right. The right ADHD medication at the right dose will not change your personality.

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

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      Hey metal2core, my husband’s an ADHD metalhead, too! He doesn’t take medicine (neither do I), but we’ve found other ways to manage those symptoms. Luckily, we’ve both found ourselves in jobs that speak to the strengths of ADHD, and we don’t have to sit still for very long. 🙂 When I was first diagnosed in my 20s, I took Adderall, and it made a world of difference in getting me out of the slump I’d found myself in. Even if you don’t want to take them long term, finding a good doctor who can give you support and use a variety of treatment options could really help. I feel like the medicine only helps part of the way. ADHDers have to make lifestyle changes and learn skills that don’t come naturally to us to survive. Plus, ADHD as a kid in school and ADHD as an adult is totally different. As a kid, you have to sit in a classroom all day and have little control over your major life choices. As adult, you can create a life that you like and learn skills to get you there. I’m in my 30s and just figured out what career I want. Going back to school in the fall. So, it’s never too late to start over. 😉

      Watched this video today the first couple of minutes are slow, but it gets way better. Whenever I lack motivation, I usually google other people talking about their ADHD, and knowing that I’m not alone and other people are successfully living with it gives me hope. I hope it does for you too! 🙂

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