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      My name is Joshua N and am 34. I was diagnosed with ADHD today. I have had a rough couple of years being in and out of jobs due to the undiagnosed ADHD. It affected me in more ways than I realized and I am starting to look around for support as I learn to cope with it and manage it. I am married and I am so thankful to my wife (likely joining tonight) as she was the one who helped me realize I have it. I am currently unemployed due to the ADHD affecting me again and I will be starting meds this week when they come in the mail from my doctor. I am also looking into psychotherapy to help me learn the skills to manage it along with the meds.

      As someone who was newly diagnosed with it, I would like to ask what books you recommend to help me learn how to manage. And anything else you think would help me would be great.

      Thank you,

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      Hey Joshua, so wonderful to have you here!!
      Within regards the books I can personally “only” recommend 2 (two):

      “When someone you love has ADHD” and “Managing (or was it Handling??!) ADULT ADHD – the ” Singles’ Version” of the first one, I guess 😉 – both authored by internationally renouned Professor R. A. Barkley of the UC!

      In my mind, his books are among those very few, indeed, VERY, very few works one may actually read through from cover to cover not bumping into fictitious Setups, non-existant “blessings” ferociously defended virtually DROWNING in artificial,superficial FEELINGS & EMOTIONS one could not RUN let Aline HIDE from … Just like it is in the entire remainder of this world!!!

      Anyhow. Please, do feel absolutely at home here within US dear Josh! We’ll be praying for you!


      Aaron “Steamroll” L.

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      Hi! You should try, “You mean I’m not lazy, stupid or crazy?”

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      Penny Williams

      Check out this list of all-time best books for adults with ADHD:

      Free Resource: The All-Time Best Books on ADHD

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Hi. Josh. Best of Luck in your treatment. I am 62 a Grandmother to 6 one called Josh and just got diagnosed and started on meds this week. It is thanks to my daughter , a med student, who after recognizing that she had adhd saw the same traits in me and her brother, Rosemary. Niagara, Canada

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      Hi Josh,

      It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m also new to the forum, but the struggle has been around for years. I sincerely hope that the meds help, and that you find the support you need. It’s great that your wife stands with you!!

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      Hey Joshua
      I am newly diagnosed too and now I am having the lightbulb moments around how it has impacted my life right across the board. I find reading and focus really tricky so couldn’t get through the books but the best thing I have found is looking if your city has a local ADHD support group. I am so lucky to have found one in my city and meet up with them every two weeks in a cafe for coffee. Its like meeting myself over and over and god does it feel good to see these incredible people who live with something I do.

      All the best neuro-diverse buddy

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