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      When I start a new habit, I do it perfectly for the first few days and then I stop doing it. For example, I plan to start exercising or start going to bed early. I’m super excited about it and I do it perfectly. But after few days I start slacking and I stop doing it. It becomes really difficult for me to do it.

      How could something that is so easy initially, become difficult later? How do I motivate myself to do it when I feel lazy to do it? How do I get myself doing the habits forever?

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      Following because I’d love tips on this too! I’m the same way — all gung-ho for a few days then something happens and I skip a day or don’t do it perfectly and it all falls apart and I can’t get a groove back.

      The most useful advice I’ve gotten around this is regarding self-care in general. A friend who is also a life coach told me it doesn’t matter if I do the same thing every day (work out, eat clean, whatever habit) so much as it matters that I make the conscious effort to do kind things for myself every day. It took a lot of pressure off me about sticking to new habits but it didn’t help me actually stick to any consistently!

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      Penny Williams

      The newness is stimulating, which helps your brain focus. When the excitement of the newness wears off, the focus can too. Even if you’re seeing positive results.

      I will say too, I do not have ADHD and I have the same issue. Falling back into old habits is just easier for all of us. If you can buddy up with someone to be accountable to that could help keep you on track.

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      Seconding Penny’s recommendation to buddy up. Also, consider writing out a reminder to yourself of *why* the new habit is important to you, so that when you hit that wall of “I don’t wanna”, you have a tangible reminder of why you should get up and go do the new thing anyway.

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