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      Long story short…

      New primary doctor questions my diagnosis. At first I was like, “ok, let’s see what else could be going on here.” Then he’s sending me to behavioral health people to evaluate and verify my ADD dx. So I go to the eval and it turns out the person he sent me to can’t verify a diagnosis when I’m currently medicated for that same diagnosis. Wasted a day of vacation, an hour drive one way, and over $400 for nothing. Now he wants to send me to a different behavioral center for ANOTHER ADD eval. (He didn’t say this directly to me, he had his nurse email me

      Yeah… he’s not trying to help me, he’s either pawning me off because he doesn’t know how to treat adult ADD or he thinks I’m just after the meds.

      So now I’m on day 6 without the Adderall I’ve been on for the past 2 years. (Diagnosed 2.5 years ago at the age of 36.) I can feel my emotions getting the better of me, I can’t read anything for longer than 5 minutes and then I have to read it 3 times to fully understand what I just read. I’m interrupting people. I can feel myself going backwards, and the fear and shame come racing back… am
      I going to make a fool of myself today? I shouldn’t be answering emails since I’m probably not understanding what’s being asked of me.

      Sorry, this is getting long…

      If I ask my new primary for a short term refill he going to think I’m just after the meds. (He is refusing to authorize another refill.) If I dont I fall apart.

      Check that, already am.

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      Ooh, I feel your pain, also had issues with new primary doctor. How did you get the diagnosis in the first place? By a psychiatrist? Can you get refferred back to that psychiatrist? Or maybe your doctor can discuss the diagnosis with that psychiatrist? Or get referred to a new psychiatrist? Behavioral center? What is that? I think your doctor suspects Borderline personality dosorder. I suggest you read up on both diagnoses, go through your life, write down symptoms of ADD that you had etc. Also use the argument that the medication helped you, it would not help Borderline, anyway, people can also have both diagnoses. If doctor suspects abuse, maybe suggest Strattera or Guanfacine, other ADHD meds without abuse potential. A least to show youre willing to try.

      The way you describe your problems without Adderal, I feel also indicate that your diagnosis is right ( if you had written that now you are without energy and dont get things done, I could more have thought that your doctor might have had a point)

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      I was diagnosed by my primary, who was actually a nurse practitioner, there were other letters attatched to her title, but I forget which ones. She had many years working with mental health conditions moving to family practice so she knew her stuff. I had been seeing her for about 10 years so she knew me well.

      I’m not sure what type of place the new dr wants to send me to, because frankly I no longer trust him so I didn’t ask for details.

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      Much easier to go the psychiatric route. I have a psychiatric nurse and she completely gets it, does not think ADHD is made up. I personally like to talk to a therapist from time to time. I have many thoughts and some should be discussed. We have head issue my friend and need to go to the head doctor and not the boo-boo doctor 🙂

      It only took me 30 years to learn that lesson.

      Everybody has different insurance you may not need to go through the primary for a therapist.

      The therapist pairs with a nurse practitioner/psychiatric nurse.

      Way less frustrating and they get me.

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      Sorry was just thinking, if the primary wants another opinion or a way to not give you meds, this is the perfect out for him. If you say you want to talk to a therapist to see if it there is something else going on with you he will feel like he won.

      You will have to go to therapy at least once a month but they will medicate you.

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      Press on! Look for a psychiatrist that specializes in ADD. If you have to get a referral, tell your primary that’s where you want to go. If you think it is a power struggle, give them two names.

      They are human and their paradigm is based on their experience. If it’s an option to get a different primary, do that if you need to. Don’t give up.

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      Tell your doctors to research how proper usage of stimulants with ADHD/ADD. There is a shortage of dopamine in ADHD brains which drives the addiction issue. When stimulants are prescribed a person feels normal (probably for the first time in their life) and the desire to self medicate is gone.
      This is a crisis. Our lives are being ruined with uninformed Doctors, Psychiatrists etc prescribing the WRONG drugs for this and making things worse.

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      I agree with Tammy — see someone who specializes in ADHD. My last psychiatrist refused to believe I had ADHD in spite of 20 years of diagnosis and success being treated with Adderal. It was the most humiliating and invalidating experience I could go through at a time when I was desperate and struggling. The therapist she referred me to cancelled my appointment when he saw my ADHD dx because he refuses to treat ADHD patients.

      My new doc specializes in executive function disorders and it has made a world of difference. I found him through the CHADD website. Perhaps you can find a supportive doctor there? I’m sorry you’re going through this and I empathize. Know that we are here to support you!

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      Go to your local health food store and ask them for supplements to help with ADD/ADHD. There are plenty of them, without the side effects of some meds. I take meds in the morning, and my ADD supplement in the afternoon. It helps me stay on track the rest of the day, plus I can sleep at night. I had problems with interrupted sleep when I took meds in the afternoon. My personal favorite is Rainbow Light Brain and Focus for Teens and Adults. I am 60 years old, and this makes a huge difference!

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      You went to the wrong doctor. GPs know diddly about ADHD most of the time, and of the ones who do have any knowledge, it’s usually WAY outdated.

      You need to find a psychiatrist who has a specialty in attention disorders. Or, at least, one who has some kind of experience diagnosing and treating ADHD. Just go in and tell this psychiatrist that you’re on Adderall and you need a prescriber who can help you manage your dose, etc.


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      Changing providers is always stressful. and sometimes it is difficult to continue a successful treatment program especially if the new provider is unwilling to review and accept a previous provider’s diagnosis. I am retired nurse practitioner who was well integrated into the medical community. My patients with ADHD had to battle against professional bias when they got new physician providers. Some physicians do not acknowledge diagnoses that do not come from another physician.
      Do you have options for seeking a different provider. If not get a copy of former provider notes. These should show her evaluation process and track the progress or lack with various treatments she tried. Also, if possible, find out any training or certifications that support her ability to accurately diagnose and treat ADHD.
      If you have a CHADD group near you please go to the meetings. You will find support there and possibly help in finding a provider who is familiar with ADHD.
      Most of all, take care of yourself. Make sure your family understands and supports you during this tough time. Keep reading ADDitude, go to the Totally ADD website. There are articles and videos that are both instructive and supportive.
      I am sorry that you have to go through all this.

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      Online forums are great. Also if you can find a local support group or CHADD chapter in your area – if you attend you can ask about local doctors. And often the speakers are also professionals and doctors who can help you. If you can’t attend, you can still check out who the speakers and facilitators are, and contact them directly for support and referrals.

      from the website:
      Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) was founded in 1987 in response to the frustration and sense of isolation experienced by parents and their children with ADHD. At that time, one could turn to very few places for support or information. Many people seriously misunderstood ADHD. Many clinicians and educators knew little about the disability, and individuals with ADHD were often mistakenly labeled “a behavior problem,” “unmotivated,” or “not intelligent enough.”

      And remember – you have ‘gut’ instincts, and know more than you realize. It’s good to consult others, but also remember to listen to your inner voice to create action plans for yourself and your child.

      Fly Lady has been my online ‘support’ for years. Check her out!

      Our family resisted using medications initially, eventually tried them and were amazed at the changes. Yet medication alone was not the key. It was a combination of meds and behavior changes, habits, diet, practice, persistence, education, community and remembering to practice unending love – of child and self.

      Best wishes to you!

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      I am moving to Florida and asked my primary care doctor this very question as I am on Vyvanse he told me that if my new primary has any questions to Simply give him a call because he has been handling my case I also do have a paper diagnosis from a clinician dated from 3 years ago. Got initial meds frfrom a psychopharmacologist.

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      I feel compelled to reinforce what has been suggested, but suggest you make it top priority:
      Get thee a NEW pcp! If he won’t reapect you and is willing to play fast and loose with your sanity, how can you trust him to take care of the rest of you?
      btw, drug seekers don’t ask just for a two week supply – just long enough to solve this problem created by the pcp.
      AND find a psychiatrist w ADD experience. I wouldn’t go to my psychiatrist for a mammogram – right doctor needed for the issue.
      Support from a trusted friend or family member could make a big difference while you’re working at a disadvantage. Good Luck and Take Care —

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      My general practitioner have me a paper Questionnaire. I asked 20 questions with 10 each for Add and for hyperactivity. You can find it online. Adult and self-help scale (ASRS) symptom checklist Print it, complete it and take to dr.

      My General practitioner began medicating me. Vyvanse worked but side effect made me dizzy all the time. Tests ensued for that symptom. I stood up for myself and asked for a different med. I named Strattera, etc. She finally sent me to Psych. I was impulsive, got speeding tickets. Couldn’t make connections. Always “on” but could never get enough done. She found a med that works for me. Best thing I ever did! I am feeling in control now.

      Write things down. Read other people’s symptoms to aide you in making your own list. Even when you get a medication go see a family therapist with an adhd background. She/he will be a Godsend! This will help you monitor a new medication to make sure it is working for you.

      Good luck!

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