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      Hi all,
      I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety (I already knew about the the Anxiety part; currently taking Escitalopram for that), and my provider started me on Ritalin.
      She had me start with 5mgs, and then add more for subsequent doses as needed.
      I thought I noticed some effects on even the smallest dose, but I was pretty ‘on edge’ and I didn’t feel more clarity like I’ve seen some ppl report.
      With each increase in dosage, I felt more calm (this is expected with stimulants for ADHD, right?), so I kept going.
      When I got to 25mg, I sort of noticed a ‘high’ type of feeling; does this mean I’ve gone too far, and I should drop back down to 20mg, or is this just the start of effective doses?

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      Dr. Eric

      I have never “felt” anything when I take the correct dosage.
      I don’t actually trust using that as a reliable metric for how well it is working… we are not the most self-aware sample of the population.

      I just get more stuff done, and close friends and family can see the difference.

      This actually sucks when I cannot remember if I took my medicine or not.

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      Penny Williams

      Talk with your prescribing doctor about this. You may very well have gone too high.

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