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      I’m new to the forums, newly diagnosed & flailing a bit. Both of my kids were diagnosed a few years ago and after a lot of reading and procrastinating I recently sought help.
      My psychiatrist started with 5 mg 2x/day generic Ritalin and then increased to 10 mg 2x/day. The goal is to find the right dose and then try a longer acting version.
      It took some adjusting to the first medication but after a few days it seemed effective and side effects of a headache and feeling lightheaded were gone, with positive impact on focus and seemed to help with productivity and anxiety as well.
      The new medication is by a different manufacturer and other than decreasing my appetite I feel nothing. It definitely isn’t impacting my focus or productivity. I don’t know if the manufacturer can make a difference or if it is just the wrong dose.

      The uncertainty about the dose vs. the manufacturer is compounded by wondering what “effective” means. How will I know of something is working and/or if a different dose or medication would be better. My kids both take vyvanse, but my understanding is that what works best for them isn’t necessarily going to work best for me.
      Also, does anyone take Wellbutrin and Ritalin? I was already taking Wellbutrin and my psychiatrist kept that going while adding the Ritalin.

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      Penny Williams

      Generic medications only have to be something like 80% the same as the brand drug. That can make a big difference. It’s been a problem with Concerta and Adderall for several years now. You can call pharmacies and try to find the generic manufacturer that works for you in stock each month or ask your doctor to write brand medically necessary on your prescription and see if your insurance will cover it.

      Generic ADHD Medications vs. Name-Brand Drugs

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      My wife and I were both diagnosed and started medication this last year. We both used the same pharmacy at first, but I decided to switch mine to one closer to my doctor’s office.

      We had different dosages, so she decided to give mine a try, and it rang all the bells for her, so she had her doctor change her prescription to match my dosage, but when she got her pills, it didn’t work for her. She tried mine again, now the exact same dosage, and it was much more effective. She switched pharmacies, and the dosage is working good for her now.

      This is the first medication where I’ve noticed a night and day difference in effectiveness between which pharmacy you fill it at.

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