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      I’ve been prescribed adderall 20mg twice a day for 3+ years now and I’ve always gotten the generic Teva or Sandoz every now and then. Either way, they both have worked well for me every month since I began taking them. Well a few days ago after I picked up my refill, I noticed I haven’t been feeling like I was when I’d take my regular Teva or Sandoz. So I looked at my bottle yesterday and discovered Walgreens switched the manufacturer on me without telling me and they come from the mfg Lannett and are partnered with Elite Laboratories. Has anyone heard of these or had any issues? They are making me anxious and I’ve noticed they are making me feel very drowsy after an hour or two of taking them. I do not know what to do. Does anyone have any recommendations? Am I able to call my pharmacist and possibly have them changed out? Thanks.

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      Penny Williams

      You’ll need to let your prescribing doctor know and ask what s/he can do about it. Sometimes the insurance will cover brand name if the doctor writes “brand medically necessary” on the Rx. But that typically takes some paperwork between doctor and insurance. You might also be able to get a smaller pharmacy to carry the brand you need for you — national chains won’t do that though because they have contracts with manufacturers.

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      I too have gotten Lannett this month and it is awful. Stomach ache, headache and high blood pressure. Minimal therapeutic effect. The only brand that works for me is Teva. I’m going to switch to a small pharmacy in hope they will order it for me, since Walgreens said they are unable to. Medication has been the biggest struggle since diagnosis. Very frustrating!

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      Yep! I picked up my monthly prescription not even a week ago and noticed immediately that I wasn’t feeling my best. After days of felling “off” I decided to check my medicine bottle and see if the manufacturer of my daily Adderall had changed and causing this. I’ve had situations like this over the years and try to avoid the pharmacy that carries whatever generic is wrong for me. Everyone seems different but I have the bed results on Teva Adderall. They really tricked me this month by making these Elite Lab pills look like my regular teva pills. This is so irritating!! we all know the manufacturer makes a difference and they aren’t all the same- I don’t know why they keep changing which manufactured Adderall they stock all the time. I mean how many different manufacturers are there now? ON MY NERVES!! yes I’m being a little childish but I don’t feel great and my adhd symptoms aren’t being managed

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      This is so damn frustrating….. I’m 59 and have been on Adderall since the mid 90″s…. I had a terrible reaction to NorthStar generic brand, so my doctor sent a letter to my insurance co to get name brand Adderall which they did give “permission” for one year.. to be honest I feel like the name brand didn’t even do anything… maybe my body is just so used to it but for 90% of the yrs on Adderall I had been getting generic brands so I thought maybe getting name brand would be like some miraculous awakening, not so though… but I feel like even if it doesn’t do much its better than going back to nothing. So now my year is up and I’m back to figuring out what generic brand is good and what’s crap….this is total bullsh*t… there needs to be some kind of regulation for this generic industry, apparently they are allowed to fill the drugs with a bunch of crap and call it a generic drug. People with ADD/ADHD have real life struggles, why is this OK??? And the whole insurance “permission” bullsh*t pisses me off even more…we pay every month for our prescription plan why do we have to jump through hoops to get a name brand medication when we want it? My husband and I are basically healthy people, the only prescription meds I need are my ADD meds and maybe once in a while an antibiotic. My husband takes no monthly prescriptions either. I’d like to thank everyone in this forum though for relaying their experiences with the different generics out their. Since yesterday was day one of going back to generic I’ll keep a note of some of the terrible ones. I already had to jump from Wegmans who I’ve used for years to Costoc bc Wegmans only had the NorthStar generic brand. (Sorry for the rant by the way).

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      notcrazynora Good luck with your medication this month- Please keep us updated and I’ll do the same! Everything you said is right and all the excuses in the world doesn’t make these issue we are all Having with bad genetics ok.

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      I 100% agree. Although.. I’ve had a refill from elite laboratories and it worked just as well as teva. However, I’ve gotten Lannett and it literally makes me a narcoleptic. I am planning to file a complaint with the FDA. I suggest you do the same.

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      People have been filing complaints for at least a decade about this. I feel like it’s only gotten worse in spite of people, like us, making the complaint. I’m no pessimist but I feel like every time I try to reach out to doctors and filing complaints to FDA, that it falls on deaf ears. More times than not, filling my prescription is met with some “problem” or delay in being filled. I’ve been treated like my ADHD isn’t real and my doctor prescribed medication that I use medicinally, is unnecessary. I will file a new complaint anyway though- I Have just enough hope left that a change can happen. When my medication is right for me, my life is substantially improved. When medicine is wrong,my symptoms are worse than ever( rebound adhd I suppose). Let me know if you receive any feedback from your complaint and I’ll update everyone here as well.

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      I’m glad I found this page! I thought I was really going crazy or dying! I also was switched t the Lannett adderall and have been having problems. I’ve had stomachaches, sinus headaches and just haven’t felt like myself. I’ve been checking my temperature 5 times a day thinking I have COVID. I have an appointment with my Dr. tomorrow and maybe I’ll see if who Walgreens is using for the 30mg and have my Dr. prescribe those instead.

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      I believe Walgreens has switched to Lannett exclusively. I have filed a complaint on medwatch and as a result, have been contacted by Elite to call and do a phone interview regarding the issue. I am about to call and let them know the adhd forums and support groups have numerous posts about their inferior product. Luckily I found a psychiatrist who was willing to call smaller pharmacies until we found one who would order my preferred generic. So far I’ve been able to get Teva brand but on my last refill the pharmacist said He needed to have a script for a side effect as well to continue ordering a specific generic adderall. He suggested getting an appetite stimulant prescribed, even though I am overweight and don’t have an issue with not eating enough. I was taken so offguard that I neglected to ask questions like is my insurance company requiring this, the manufacturer or the pharmacy? Also which was weird he said the side effect medication had to be in a quantity 80% of my prescribed stimulant. So the sample prescription he gave me was for 300 pills of an appetite stimulant a month. I don’t get it? I don’t need it and why would I get a prescription that I’m just gonna throw in the trash? It has been my experience that the medication woes are the most difficult part of getting a diagnosis and dealing with treatment of ADHD.

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      Hello Everyone, My pharmacy has switched to Lannett Generic Brand. After taking it I too felt very ill and thought I had covid. I was very zombie-like and all i wanted to do was lay down. Other effects were muscle pain, slurred speech, feeling as if I had the flu, agitated, a bit aggressive, depressed and irritated. It definitely was affecting my nervous system negatively. The medicine did not work at all for my ADD. I tried taking it out of the capsule and taking it with apple sauce. Still the same effect. I had to stop taking it. This is super frustrating. This medicine should be banned immediately. Its a shame that we have to go without our meds because a generic is making us sicker or is not working and then have to search around for a pharmacy that carries a generic brand that works. This is insane.

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      I recently filled my generic Adderall prescription at a nearby Walgreens rather than my usual independent pharmacy, and over the past few weeks I’ve started to develop unusual symptoms and side effects. The therapeutic effects last 20 mins and after that my focus and concentration is worse than not taking medication at all. Other symptoms include: lethargy, irritability, lack of motivation, and anxiety. I’ve also started experiencing painful restless leg syndrome that ruins my quality of sleep and makes the following day even worse, and I’ve never had RLS before in my life.
      I’m almost entirely certain the the Lannett manufactured adderall at Walgreens is the cause of my symptoms, because I’ve never had any issues with the Teva manufactured generic adderall from my independent pharmacy.

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      De ja vu…. I was going through this same thing last year, many people posted different versions of the above stories and I was stunned then and decided to switch to the XR Brand only Adderall. I kinda forgot about all these crazy side-effects UNTIL! This month I tried the instant release again for an afternoon dose (Generic Lannett Co). It’s way more than just side-effects and I know the manufacturers and physicians say “Oh it’s the fillers, everyone has a different reaction to them.” sure sure… But these are not benign fillers based on the way my body and so many others are reacting. NOT TO MENTION the medication itself doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

      I have this cartoon image in my mind of Lannett’s factory/lab… It’s midday and time to switch from whatever random drug they are manufacturing to producing the generic adderall. They holler through the factory/lab and say “Okay time to switch to the generic adderall! Don’t bother cleaning off the other stuff, we can use that for the filling, we have a 10% window for bioavailability anyway.” Then I see them scraping the machines and adding ambiguous powder into these generic pills. The laws around pharmaceuticals here in the US is one of the most solid examples of how for profit healthcare is unethical. I work in healthcare so I am not saying we shouldn’t make a livable wage and earn what is deserved… but Big Pharma is the next beast on my list to dismantle. I work for an organization establishing one of the first NON-Profit Pharmaceutical Companies. Don’t stop sharing your experiences! It important we all understand it is not your body’s fault. We are complicated systems, each requiring what works for us. There are natural/ organic ways to support your health, WHILE still being helped by an ethical and responsibly produced modern drug.

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      kathlern 123

      Lannett is untakeable. I wrote to the company how horrible it is and they said o please call us tell us more. I haven’t yet but I will. It’s very important that we file a complaint with the FDA. Lannett is probably selling it cheap to the pharmacies so no one has Teva although Tevas website says that it is available at Walgreens and CVS. Those pharmacies say they won’t have it. If we don’t complain and also our doctors could be filing a report about negative side effects. I believe they are ethically if not legally expected to do so.

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      kathlern 123

      Lannett has had to withdraw several products due to impurities. FDA has written them up for lab problems. God knows what “impurities” are in their generic adderall. Go to this website for an easy way to help us get back decent meds! The FDA says if you have taken a Med and then switch to a different generic and had issues use this form. So let’s do it

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      Hi, I’m new to the site. I have been taking Teva Adderall and I was switched to Zydus Adderall before. Even though it was much cheaper, it makes me feel horrible. This month I got it again and I paid the same price as I do for my Teva!!! I switched to this small pharmacy because they carry Teva and I’m not treated badly. Most pharmacies would not fill 90,30mg. When they did it was the like me and my Dr didn’t know what works for me. But back to what I was saying. This other generic makes me feel bad and I got double charged!! I know that I can’t take them back but I want my money back that they over charged me. Has anyone else ever had this generic, if so how did it work for you?

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      My husband’s epilepsy responded to name brand but not generic and my brother who is in pharmaceuticals said that generic only has to work at something like 80% what the name brand does to get on the market (I can’t remember his exact words). Anyways, definitely tell your doctor or pharmacist you need the name brand and they can work with your insurance.

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      Omg after reading all of these comments im so relieved. I’ve taken adderal Brand Name before and I’ve never felt like this before. I felt slow, irritable, depressed and zombie like and I also got really anxious because of it! Felt like I was under water with my emotions. Tried it out a couple of more times just to be sure but NO. This generic med in specific is terrible!

      I used to get my medication from CVS but my insurance now only accepts generic so I switched to walgreens to save money but omg… worst mistake EVER. The meds are from Lannett and they are the worst!

      I tried both the Generic Adderrall from Lannet Dextroamphetamine/Amphetamine ER and the normal and theyre both not doing what theyre supposed to. The EXACT opposite I feel lethargic, unable to focus, and sleepy! WTF. I filed a formal complaint to the FDA and I suggest you do too if you have experienced this.

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      The same horrible experience happened to me as well. I’m 48 years old and have been on TEVA Adderall for 10 years. It’s always worked wonders for me. I take 10 mg twice a day and I’m have always been very focused and very active. The past two weeks I started feeling very run down, sleepy but uncomfortably tense. Just plain out like Sh**t. I went to the doctors to see if I was sick and everything came back normal. I finally happened to look at the bottle of Adderall yet I’m color blind and did not notice the pill was different colors but noticed it read LANNETT instead of TEVA. I stopped taking it for 2 days and felt better without it but not back to my “normal” self. I happend to find a leftover TEVA and took it and I was right back to I’ve been for 10 yrs. Needless to say I’m F’ing pissed and can’t find a pharmacy anywhere in OC California that will order it for me. They all seem to have switched to LANNET. I REFUSE to take the LANNETT trash!

      Any help or info on locating TEVEA PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!
      Thank you!!

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      Has anyone experienced any issues with the Alvogen brand?

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        I actually live in FL and have used Publix for a while especially due to the fact that most places like Walgreens had a backorder issue for several months last year. I actually have always though Alvogens worked pretty well. Although i have to say, Aurobindo must have changed their formula because I got a script of that at Publix 2 months ago and it was better than almost any generic.

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      I know most have complained to fda about crap generics. What if we contact Walgreens corporate and complain they won’t order Teva? I have had trouble finding any pharmacy to order Teva bc it’s more expensive than Lannett etc. they just say they can’t.

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        There’s so many different generics now.

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      Walgreens customer, not for long, can’t take this Lannett. Teva worked fine, this one, irritable as hell, sleepy after about an hour and just feel like hell. Doesn’t help with focus at all. I’m checking with my local independent pharmacy and switching. I did file a complaint with the FDA also.

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      On my search, Kroger Pharmacy said there’s a shortage. She said they normally carry Teva Brand, its their first choice but had to start using their second choice generic Lannett. I’ve been using Publix pharmacy for years. Then they switch to LANNETT generic. I had to find a small locally owned Pharmacy. They carry ANI generic which works ok.
      I notice there are so many companies that are now making generic adderall which is scary. Also, I’ve noticed that whenever the capsules & beads are a different color from the Brand, the generic is not going to be the same but if the capsule & beads are the same color or very similar as Brand its going to work just about the same as Brand Name.

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      So happy to realize I am not the only one dealing with the Lannett issue! I really thought I had lost my mind. Super frustrating when it makes such a huge difference in all of our lives. How is this manufacturing company still able to produce generic Adderall?

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      I am so glad i found this post also! I thought it had to be tolerance or a figment of my imagination but I filled my normal prescription at Walgreens of 30mg IR Adderall about a week ago, and I noticed I almost felt groggy or drowsy after taking it. It is LANNETT of course. It has ZERO effect, even on concentration, if anything I am way less motivated to do anything. I didn’t even ask Walgreens what kind they had in stock because it is usually Teva and I have NEVER had any issue with any brand being this bad and or ineffective. The worst part is I am now realizing I will probably be going a month without actual medication now. This is ridiculous!

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      I had bad reaction to the generic made by lannett. It worked fine but once it wore off I was extremely depressed, and having suicidal thoughts. Took it for six weeks before figuring it out. I had some tablets from previous script made by sandoz. So took one sandoz tab that was instance release, felt tired as it wore off but not depressed and no suicidal thoughts. Than took the lanett ir and instead of feeling tired as it wore off felt depressed with suicidal thoughts. I told my doctor and he ended up switching me back to Vyvanse since only comes in brand. Adderall works a lot better for me but pharmacies in my area refuse to order a different generic because ordering is controlled by corporate and of course they said all generics r the same:[

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      Everyone I know who takes generic adderall is so angry because the genetics they are peddling do not work. Teva works for a lot of people. I’ve never had Sandoval/Barr. But i can’t tell you that the rest are filled with nothing but fillers. Why do the pharmaceutical companies insist on giving us drugs that we need but don’t work.

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      Hi. I believe that you and I as well as others should be twins. After numerous Weeks of research I have come to 1 simple answer and it directly correlates to your post about Teva, I, first of all receive both 20 and 30 du to insurance issues and I am 1 week off, so I first noticed the 20’s and then the 30’s. They in my opinion are basically a copy of one another, by the naked eye, but I researched it on my own since I am lied to more than I am told the truth by and I say this with a predominantly higher %age, not pretending that they are Drs, and they are doing everything that a pharmacist should do. However I have a feeling that Lannett Pharmaceuticals and Elite Pharmaceuticals are and have been pulling one over both us, the patient and most pharmacist’s, also. If you really read into it, and I am not a Conspiracy Theorist, but 1 of the most active ingredients in Pro-Biotics is Sacchrate, also in these new, “Adderall,” I have also been able to find out that Dexadrine, And I apologize for forgetting the following word, however it is the most active ingredient in Fat Burners, and the crazy thing is that was around March 28,2020, yet now comes with the name Dextroamphetamine Saccharate, Aphhetamine Aspatate. I have come to the conclusion that Annett, which made the 30mg IR, almost identical to the Teva Brand, and Elite, made the 20 mg that are nearly impossible to tell apart from the Teva Brand. My issue is that 2 different manufacturers are making the same drug why? The answer is what it always is $$, research Lannett and Elite, and mysteriously on 3/31/20, early Corona days and I had read that INSTANT RELEASE are not nearly as safe as Extended RELEASE when dealing with Adderall, I cannot answer this via knowledge, although I truly believe that my 11 years of knowledge on 1 specific brand trumps, the trick that is attempted to be pulled on us. Just research the 2 brands I have included, and you will see that it is the 1st and only brand of Extended RELEASE tablet, not in plastic and I have brought it to a couple physicians attention, and I was told that if they write Adderall 30 mg, the most likely tablet, instant release you will get is same shape, same #’s in the 20 but different letters-e505-,whereas real IR’ b on top of 972, and 20 on opposite side.

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      Hi everyone! I signed up just to comment here. I have been having a hard time with generic adderall for years (I’ve been in a Lannett, Aurolife/Aurobindo fog for 6-7 months now) Always wanted to take what I could get from the pharmacy. Was always just hoping they wouldn’t be out of stock. On the Pharmacy subreddit for pharmacists to share thoughts etc. someone commented that they were going to purposely turn off their stores replenishment of the Teva brand to “get rid of” the people requesting it. Making assumptions that they’d be selling them on the street. I found an app called Capsule that will note and respect your preferred manufacturer. They also deal with your insurance/doctor/script refills for you! Teva is the best brand for me. It makes me feel clear and motivated. Doesn’t make me anxious and my hyperawareness/psychomotor agitation/overthinking is GONE after switching back to Teva. This post is all over the place because I’ve edited it too many times and it’s loud where I am but you guys get the idea. DO NOT LET YOUR PHARMACIST OR DR TELL YOU THAT ALL GENERICS ARE CREATED EQUAL

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      All the pharmacies in my area that previously carried Teva or Sandoz seem to have switched to Lannett or Amerigen and reading the above reactions people are having to their versions of generic Adderall is, quite frankly, terrifying. What the hell are we supposed to do? I haven’t had a truly helpful medication since they stopped making brand name Adderall IR several years ago. Teva has been the best of the generics, but I was actually considering switching to XR to see if I could get a better result from being able to buy the name brand again. Is it so unreasonable of me to think I have the right to feel like a human being, instead of one of the undead? I don’t know what to do anymore.

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      Informative post I also have problems.

      I have been taking adder all on/off as needed for roughly 12 years. I have experimented with others, or antidepressants like Wellbutrin (also treats adhd) and Zoloft but seem to keep coming back to adderall in addition to any possible antidepressant.

      Recently my pharmacy supplied me with LANNETT’s version – all I can say is I feel all of the “side effects” amplified, with minimal therapeutic value. It’s almost a feeling like the amphetamines are increased (thus more side effects) with some sort of depressant or sedative mixed in it. I feel sleepy and in a fog, and at the same time fitigy, and un-motivated to do anything. I tried lowering the dose and no change in results.

      I have extra Teva’s from a previous prescription – I experimented and it was night and day! For me, Lannett does not work but the Teva had me feeling “normal”

      On a side note, in my experience, the best performing generic I have been prescribed came from MyLan, almost no side effects.


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      My last reply here was April, I believe- I’ve read all the new posts and it’s a shame that so many people’s lives and well-being just do not matter when we make our complaints. I’m now going through a divorce and custody battle and I’m in no way blaming this on the new generic but I will say this- I could really benefit from having a generic that works right now. I’ve relocated 2 hours from where I lived, finding a job, custody drop off pick up( 2 hrs) away every week, lawyer appointments, organizing my paperwork, the expenses, and to top it off- the courts consider our case a high conflict situation and I have to document everything and anything- plus get it to my lawyer. I was a stay home mom in August, my routine has been turned upside down and not seeing my toddler every other week is like a knife in my heart. Basically a NIGHTMARE for one with adult ADHD. I’m keeping up with it all but I’m working overtime fighting against my executive malfunctioning. The Right Adderall not only helped with my ADD but also anxiety. I was willing to try vyvanse in the morning and 1 adder all in the afternoon in hopes it would be some relief but unfortunately everyone is different. I’ve been down the vyvanse road in the past and other stimulants and adderall twice daily has always been what My adhd is managed best by/ having minimal side effects. The medicine that works , that all of us here benefit from is now garbage. I’ll figure some way to get through this and life thereafter without adderall- of course but it’s really such a shame that we all have to suffer, knowing that once we did have medication that allowed us to function in a way that those without ADHD do easily. Adulting is 10X harder for us and We simply do not matter when we complain. I appreciate everyone here. I hate you all are having to go through this issue but at least we can all relate.

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      It blows my mind how effective Teva is, compared to all the other generics. Elite, Zydus, Mylan, and Mallinckrodt provide zero positives, and instead give me the worst side effects. This last month, Zydus/Nesher was only available. I’ve taken Adderall for 9 years, mainly Teva and Sandoz, never a complaint. I honestly believe caffeine or pixie sticks would work 10x better. So sick of spending money and time on this useless garbage. Those of us who use this drug pay money and hope it will work in return. We shouldn’t have to hope that these companies make products that will work. It’s their job to ensure it works. And clearly the only company doing its job the right way is Teva.

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      None of the pharmacies in my area carry Teva and unwilling order it despite my prescription stating Teva generic only. I had to call every pharmacy zzz in town and finally found a small, independent pharmacy who will order for me. Unfortunately the pharmacist won’t accept insurance on it or goodrx. I’m paying out of pocket for my psychiatrist and now for my prescription as well. $130 month for 60 20mg. I’m grateful for the medication but it’s taking a financial toll. My next appointment I’m going to ask about trying Vyvanse or Mydayis if my insurance will cover it, which I think they will only after doing prior authorization runaround. The medication struggle is disheartening and stressful. Not to mention pharmacies and some doctors are rude and act like we are drug seekers bc most generics are crap and don’t help. We just want to function and be productive without all this hassle!!

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        What pharmacy was this?

        I’m in the exact same situation. I’ve talked to a dozen pharmacies in the LA area ant still have yet to find someone to order TEVA.

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      Alvogen is the worst, they switchef from sandoz depression,anxiety,dizziness,palpitations, strongly recommend not taking the alvogen, almost passed out from dizziness 3rd day I took it, girlfriend thought I was having a stroke or heart attack, nasty stuff, I take Sandoz now

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      Hi everybody,

      It appears my perspective/personal opinion may be completely in the minority with the generic manufacturer Lannett. This is for XR not IR.

      I am prescribed (45) 30 mg XR Lannett per month for my ADHD-PI for approx 6 mos now. I have been prescribed both XR & IR (mostly XR) for about 10 years or so now.
      And during this 10 years Vyvanse was included for about 2 years. Vyvanse caused more anxiety by far than Adderall XR anecdotally, and typically I read and hear the opposite.

      Now to my point. Lannett Adderall XR surprised me in the best possible way, as it has been clearly the best XR I have taken which has been many manufacturers.

      I use Kroger pharmacy and the prior XR Kroger and Walgreens provided where I’m located was Impax (hopefully spelled correctly).

      It took a while to get used to Lannett XR because that intense feeling I was used to receiving which really isn’t a good thing was not there / which made me wonder If it was working at all.

      Indeed it was working, and working very well-and still is. The come-up is quicker…as I feel a calmness take place within about 30 minutes or less as I take it 7:00am-ish each morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water.
      I do take other supplements along with it, some before and some after. It’s your typical supplements most are aware of with ADHD. Magnesium & zinc are the two primary ones.

      And the kicker is it gives me a good solid 8 hours ADHD relief-for lack of a better word-if not a little longer, and I have a high metabolism. I receive excellent focus, no euphoria-which went away many many years ago, and no side effects to speak of whatsoever.

      Now Lannett’s IR could be a totally different feel/story if you will, as when I was taking IR I always received Teva, and it did its job. I just personally like a steady dose which Lannett’s XR provides with zero ebb’s & flows.

      Kudos to Lannett for this guy.
      And keep in mind each and every one of us respond independently to our own body composition’s in regards to any medication, supplement, FOOD etc etc etc.

      And of course that’s based on many factors including genetics, lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep habits, hydration, and that list goes on and on and on as well.

      Thank you very much / y’all take care.

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      teeree – Did your pharmacist perhaps say appetite “suppressant”, NOT appetite stimulant? Because the appetite suppressant Dexedrine is also used to treat ADHD.

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      My psych was arrested for a misdemeanor and NO chain pharmacy is filling his scripts “because they don’t have to.” So I ended up with this crappy NorthStar yellow pill that has put me to sleep both mornings, made me angry as hell, and made me hate the world.
      Last year I researched generics after getting Malincrodkt, which made me sick. They are not the same.
      Teva is most equivalent to brand. Nothing else. It’s all bad.
      In a 30 mg tablet, you get 18 mg of medication. The rest is binder. The peak is 3 hours, and by that 3rd hour, you urinate 25% of the medication.
      In a 20 mg tablet, you get 12 mg.
      I can’t believe the pharmacies have done this to all of us in this area. He’s one of the few doctors we even have, and they won’t fill his prescriptions. I’m so sick of this system. It’s not an opioid, people. It’s a necessary-to-function medication!

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      I recently have been feeling just horrible itchy, irritable, body sensations like skin crawling, laying in bed all day not accomplishing anything. I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for weeks. I also decreased my Adderall dosage from 30mg XR to 20mg XR which means a change in manufacturer it seems. After seeing my dr she was thinking maybe I’m having a weird allergy to Benadryl so I stopped taking that two days ago. This morning I wake up feeling much better take my Adderall and wham all the itchy, irritable, skin crawling is back and I have done nothing but lay in bed all day cause I feel so horrible. Lannett is the manufacturer. After reading through all these responses I’m pretty sure it’s this medicine. Gonna stop taking it tomorrow and see what happens. I’m miserable and can’t stand it.

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      So yesterday morning I called MedWatch, which I BEG WITH ALL MY HEART each and every one of you do! The man was really nice. He said to please urge all of you to do an online form or call the number and speak to him. I left a message and he called back 2 minutes later.
      I found out original brand names do all of the expensive trials, so they have exclusive rights for a certain number of years. When generics can come into the mix, they are NOT tested by the FDA. They submit an application SAYING they are brand equivalent in active ingredient doing the same as brand. So no testing is done until enough people complain about a drug.
      When I looked up the actual makeup of the Northstar Adderall I was given, one of the inactive ingredients is also used in household cleaners! This medicine was taken Saturday and Sunday morning ONLY and I developed a skin rash, fell asleep sitting up 4 times just during a blink, made me unable to hold my eyes all the way open, which didn’t matter because my eyes were so blurry.
      I called the FDA and asked them legally can I get a new script because I had just gotten one and it would show on the Prescription Management Program. She said the PMP is not for the reason to prevent refills. It’s just to record medications as given to patients and when. So I called my doctor, they escribed a new one to another pharmacy and they filled it for me. No problems.
      LANNETT is a marketing company who partnered with SunGen last year. SunGen still makes the medication, just under the name of LANNETT. Here’s the article, but just google “Lannett merges with SunGen” and look at all of the times they’ve been in trouble.

      And again, please call MedWatch and report your meds!!!

    • #188498

      I just got my prescription filled ( I usually go to cvs, but this time I went to Kroger because it was cheaper). I was not noticing anything. I was getting so frustrated, so i decided to compare the bottles to see if there was a difference. There definitely was a change- this batch is from ZYDUS. Oh wow, when I tell you this is the worst medicine. It doesn’t matter how much I take, I don’t noice anything but major migraines, and lethargy. With my last refill, which was by EPIC pharmaceuticals I could take half of my 30 and notice a difference.
      I am so frustrated with this manufacturer that I am trying to contact my doctor to see if they will write me a new script to get the other kind. I hope they will, because if not I am so screwed.

      Moral of the story: pay attention to who manufactures the meds, and stay away from Zydus!

    • #188515

      I just got it. It is horrible, and makes me feel sick as well. I have an appointment with my Doctor today so I can tell her about it. Hopefully she will write me a new prescription so I can get that filled with a generic that actually does what it is supposed to do, and I can continue with my routine. I am so scared she won’t, and I will be stuck with this for 3 months. That would be horrible because its just as bad or worse than taking no medicine at all. This will really cost me, and not just in a financial way.

    • #188781

      I’ve been on adderall for many many years. It’s just in the last few that I’ve noticed such a difference in the different generic brands. I now have Rhodes and I’ve been quite nauseous. I’m fine in the morning, but within 30 minutes of taking my 30 mg XR, I’m very queasy. I haven’t seen this brand so far on this forum, has anyone taken it? I am going to ask my doctor to see if I can get the brand to see how I like it.

    • #188797

      Really surprised no positives for Lannett XR. Of course I don’t know why it’s working so well for me and no one else in this thread.

      I apologize if I am incorrect mentioning this or come across condescending, however it would be helpful if posters mentioned if they are taking IR or XR. And some take both.

      Again, I’ve been prescribed all XR’s generics over the last 10 years and none of them touch Lannett’s generic in terms of efficacy, quick come up, no noticeable ebbs and flows, and seemingly lasts longer which is important for me.
      IDK, perhaps it’s my metabolism as all of our body compositions are different obviously… Or I am taking the proper supplements before during and after.
      Again who knows, and I just wanted to reiterate how well this manufacturer’s XR works for me.

    • #189138

      Just to make things clear – Sungen and lannett are not manufacturing Adderall ER and IR.

      Elite pharma does – Sungen used to be Elite Pharma partners but they sold their rights to the Elite Pharma CEO.

      Lannett is the Marketing partner and the drugs are sold under its name.

    • #189202

      I want to thank all of you that have posted your experiences. I too found my self on 20mg XR gen sub adderall by Actavis Elizabeth and a 10 IR by northstar and I too experienced covid like body symptoms, I was falling asleep throughout the day, brain fog beyond belief, slurred speech, and could hardly function to work for the week I was taking these, I was almost in 2 accidents if my car didnt have auto breaking I would have been. I did file a medwatch on the medications. But I got wombo combo’ed by actavis and northstar. During this time I would hardly speak to any one, it was hard keeping up with regular conversation. I was speaking with my Dr today and this was all confirmed to be linked to these manufacturers. I have name brand xr’s and got sandoz for the IR. Why is there not a lawsuit against this shit. I cant imagine what effects these manufacturers are having on peoples lives to make a few more bucks by cutting corners at the expense of others.

    • #189235

      I just got prescribed for Adderall IR due to ADHD diagnosis end of last month. And sadly, my insurance through my work only goes through select pharmacies and Walgreens is the major one. So I got this filled at Walgreens for the generic made by Lannett and it is horrible. First couple days were great. Then the side effects kicked in. Really bad nausea, cold fingers and toes, and migraines. Doc told me to lower my mg in half and still getting the effects. Didn’t realize there were so many different generic manufacturers for this. I am lucky and have family who are on it (but got theirs through CVS) for the same mg and their generic ones make them a lil nauseous, but nothing intolerable, plus my mom swears by it. They let me try a couple of theirs and the side effects weren’t there. But since my insurance only allows those certain pharmacies I might have to see if my doctor can put me on the actual Adderall and get it covered by insurance due to these horrible side effects.

    • #189141

      I talked directly to the FDA again about the crappy medication I got and was told to go to my doctor and get a new script and take it to a different pharmacy. (From all of my griping up the chain, Walgreens now fills for my doctor again!). So that’s what I did. She also said, “Make sure you report your side effects to MEDWATCH!” I said I did, online and verbally. So please, ALL OF YOU, report it TO MEDWATCH! Nothing will ever change unless you do. It’s only a phone call or you can do it online. Here the website:

    • #190116

      I would like to share something with the group.

      I take Teva generic Adderall IR 30MG tablets, and noticed something
      unusual about some of the tablets dispensed… actually 13 / 60

      The side of the tablet with the marking -30- was upside down relative
      to the front of the tablet in 13 / 60 tablets.

      I called Teva Generics USA and made a report.

      I noticed this because I was also experiencing a complete lack of efficacy this month with Teva…which I also reported.

      I also made a report with the FDA through MEDWATCH.

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    • #192977

      Doctors, Pharmacists and the FDA are all wrong when they insist generics are the same and work the same. They know they aren’t chemically the same and they just aren’t listening to patients who have experienced the problems. Call them out on it! I’ve always had trouble with generics. For years I’ve been ordering a couple of meds from an international pharmacy where I can get name brand for a third the cost of what I’d pay in the US. Even name brands can be different if manufactured in different facilities. Once I had trouble when I received my usual name brand from a batch made India when I’ve never had any trouble with the same drug when manufactured in Canada, Germany, New Zealand or Singapore.

      Right now, I’m still trying to find an ADHD med that works and that I can afford. I appreciate everyone sharing their experiences here. I know not everyone is the same, but when you hear from many people who’ve had the same good or bad experiences only with one manufacturer, you realize not to give up too quickly on a option….the problem may just be the brand.

    • #192998

      For those still taking Teva Adderall, I’m a little jealous, ha! Like many of you, I also did WAY better with it and I’ve tried a couple different manufacturers. I was told by a couple different pharmacies in my town (both large companies and small places) that they were no longer carrying TEVA (they were on back order, they’ve just stopped and no one knows why, etc). I then googled about a year ago and saw that TEVA discontinued making Adderall but they still must be since some folks are on it. Why would they stop if so many folks do well on it??? So baffling!!

      Anywho, I myself will start taking this Lannett version in a couple days and was a bit leery. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though!

    • #193104

      A few months ago, Walgreens switched from Teva to Rhodes and I didn’t think anything of it, but then the second month, I really started noticing something wasn’t right. It was like I wasn’t taking anything, because the scattered brain and anxiety were back and I my executive functioning was down the drain. I let my dr. know and he said there is differences in all of them, so he upped my 20 to 25 mg and now I’m back to normal, if not better.

    • #193212

      does anyone know what pharmacies carry teva? either in California or Florida area thanks!

    • #193214

      I’m on Fl and called all the pharmacies in my area asking if they could order Teva as my prescription specifies that generic. Most treated my like a meth head and were rude, or said they were unable to order a specific brand other than what they ordered en mass. Finally I found a very small, independent pharmacy who would. The owner won’t accept my insurance on it and I have to pay out of pocket. I’m grateful for being able to get a decent generic as my experience with lannet and Aurobindo were disastrous, but it’s also aggravating to have to pay so much between my out of network shrink (my primary fired me over the issues with certain generics) and my prescription. It’s costing me a lot but I don’t want to go back to struggling through life with adhd-pi. Good luck to you!

    • #193625

      I too do not like any other brands except Teva. Tired of people telling me it was a mind thing. Headaches alone from these other brands is enough! I find it hard to find in small town.cvs carries Teva more than anywhere else.i had pharmacist’s from different pharmacies tell me Teva had been discontinued,etc 3 year’s ago.i went straight to website and called the number.bullshit! Company sold or some shit. I have no insurance and use goodrx help pay. Glad I found this website!

    • #193653

      COSTCO currently carries Teva nationwide but call ahead to be sure.

    • #193926

      I’ve taken Teva Adderall for a few years and it worked really well. In the last couple of months, all the pharmacies I went to said Teva had stopped making generic Adderall. I was in a panic because I’ve tried several other generics, and they didn’t work at all — it was actually worse than taking nothing. I guess Teva must have recently changed the formulation for their generic Adderall, because I’m now having the same problem with the Teva Adderall that I had with the other generics I tried — it’s like I’m taking nothing at all!

      Has anyone else had trouble with Teva Adderall lately? Most pharmacists told me Teva wasn’t making Adderall any more, so I’m not sure how Walgreen’s got this batch and why it’s totally ineffective.

      If Teva Adderall doesn’t work now, have any of you had good results with another manufacturer? TIA

    • #193931

      I’m having the same problem with Teva. Going to file report with FDA. Haven’t had much luck with other generics.

    • #193975


    • #195150

      For everyone out there looking for TEVA Adderall, it’s currently on the FDA’s Drug Shortage list. Looks like there is a pause in production because one of the fillers was out of specs. Teva reports the ingredient is on back order, and supply is expected to rebound in March ‘21.

      (This does make me wonder if the supplier voluntarily reported the issue to TEVA or if some of the recent complaints actually brought attention to a possible problem.)

      You can Google ‘FDA Drug Shortages’ to see if particular amphetamine salt brands are having problems and when a fix is expected.

    • #195261

      CVS has gave me last 2 month’s some bullshit🤬I’ve heard of all brand’s, never this one. Epic Pharma LLC. It hasn’t done anything but make me more depressed,my eight sight is doing something weird. I usually make sure pharmacy has teva. But, I’ve been off track last couple of months…SMH. I know this is bs and I want be getting these anymore. Anyone else,make sure you don’t get these.round pink pill,other side has “£” or “E” 345.

    • #195399

      DO NOTHING GARBAGE. The 20mg. White octagonal shape. MEIJER Pharmacy is now “substituting” MALLINCKRODT for TEVA. Currently, Meijer’s dispensing a generic amphetamine-dextroamphetamine in place of another generic. Listed as TEVA on the Bottle(Mallinckd generic for TEVA).I always ask the pharmacy before I fill my monthly RX- what manufacturer will be dispensed. Meijer said TEVA- Makes no sense, how can one generic be a generic drug for another generic drug. So-MALLINCKRODT is literally not even close to TEVA 20mg X3 daily.

    • #195792

      Lannett worst generic mfg. for ADD meds. Please file complaints with FDA.
      I spoke to FDA this morning please help then
      Investigate them for formulary. I am sending mine to them.

    • #196072

      So should we compare lot numbers?

      I used to work in production (not of medicine but other items) and when there were multiple products produced on one production line and schedules were slammed, shortcuts for cleaning etc. would occur. Not saying this is what is happening here, though it is a plausible explanation.

      The same symptoms to the extreme just happened to me and yes, I reported to FDA Watch before even seeing this thread.

      My MD thinks there is a psychoactive contaminant present. This would be consistent with a production line change. Given the extremes of my symptoms, I think they are right. I have been on brand adderall for 15+ years.

      Lannett 15 mg tablets
      Lot: P0504020

    • #196093

      I’m new to this board and though I’d comment on this because I’m having the exact opposite experience with Lannett Adderral IR.
      I’ve used Sandoz for a few years which I get at a local non chain pharmacy. It’s been okay but I recently got Lannett in Albuquerque at Walgreens and was surprised at how much better I felt. I got so much done that I’d been procrastinating on and didn’t feel drowsy like Sandoz makes me feel.
      Teva causes unbearable itching of my hands and feet.
      I think the companies use different fillers that effect people differently.I was also told by my doctor that they are allowed a 25%. Variable in the effectiveness of the generics either way.
      I’m having trouble however finding Lannett Adderrall IR in California.

    • #196104
      James Robert

      Adderall is one of the most effective medications for anxiety. People have gained maximum benefit from it. I have also used it while I was suffering from severe anxiety.

    • #196164

      I received this voicemail on Wednesday morning and I was wondering if anyone else that made a report with the FDA, has also received any calls like this?? “ “Hi this voicemail is for (my first name) my name is Katie and I’m with the health and safety lines for elite laboratories _⁠_⁠_⁠_ the makers of the dextroamphetamine _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ and feta mean aspartame Dexter and feta mean a salt _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ and the and feta mean sulfate um if you we have some questions regarding your experience for the purposes of drugs see if you reporting if you could please give us a call back at 888-880-7699 if you’d be willing to answer those follow-up questions when you call back please…”

    • #196719

      I just checked the markings on my tablets and I also found that some of the -20- were upside down relative to the front of the tablet.

    • #196959
      Aaron Lewis

      I’ve been hearing that the Teva generic is not as effective. I believe it should be required by all drug manufacturers that they have their own generics created.

    • #197074

      Since I’ve started adderall a couple months ago I’ve received four different generics within two bottles. What a joke. The last one I just received was the lannett 10mg ir. Shaky hands, stomach aches, could barely form sentences because my thoughts were non existent. A non clean feeling if that makes sense. Anyway, I ended up complaining and getting it switched out by a Sunrise Pharmaceuticals. There isn’t much
      Info on this brand at all on the inter webs. Anyone know anything? I just don’t want a different brand every time I pick one up. There are most definitely differences in all of them.

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