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    I’ve been prescribed adderall 20mg twice a day for 3+ years now and I’ve always gotten the generic Teva or Sandoz every now and then. Either way, they both have worked well for me every month since I began taking them. Well a few days ago after I picked up my refill, I noticed I haven’t been feeling like I was when I’d take my regular Teva or Sandoz. So I looked at my bottle yesterday and discovered Walgreens switched the manufacturer on me without telling me and they come from the mfg Lannett and are partnered with Elite Laboratories. Has anyone heard of these or had any issues? They are making me anxious and I’ve noticed they are making me feel very drowsy after an hour or two of taking them. I do not know what to do. Does anyone have any recommendations? Am I able to call my pharmacist and possibly have them changed out? Thanks.

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    Penny Williams

    You’ll need to let your prescribing doctor know and ask what s/he can do about it. Sometimes the insurance will cover brand name if the doctor writes “brand medically necessary” on the Rx. But that typically takes some paperwork between doctor and insurance. You might also be able to get a smaller pharmacy to carry the brand you need for you — national chains won’t do that though because they have contracts with manufacturers.

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    I too have gotten Lannett this month and it is awful. Stomach ache, headache and high blood pressure. Minimal therapeutic effect. The only brand that works for me is Teva. I’m going to switch to a small pharmacy in hope they will order it for me, since Walgreens said they are unable to. Medication has been the biggest struggle since diagnosis. Very frustrating!

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    Yep! I picked up my monthly prescription not even a week ago and noticed immediately that I wasn’t feeling my best. After days of felling “off” I decided to check my medicine bottle and see if the manufacturer of my daily Adderall had changed and causing this. I’ve had situations like this over the years and try to avoid the pharmacy that carries whatever generic is wrong for me. Everyone seems different but I have the bed results on Teva Adderall. They really tricked me this month by making these Elite Lab pills look like my regular teva pills. This is so irritating!! we all know the manufacturer makes a difference and they aren’t all the same- I don’t know why they keep changing which manufactured Adderall they stock all the time. I mean how many different manufacturers are there now? ON MY NERVES!! yes I’m being a little childish but I don’t feel great and my adhd symptoms aren’t being managed

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    This is so damn frustrating….. I’m 59 and have been on Adderall since the mid 90″s…. I had a terrible reaction to NorthStar generic brand, so my doctor sent a letter to my insurance co to get name brand Adderall which they did give “permission” for one year.. to be honest I feel like the name brand didn’t even do anything… maybe my body is just so used to it but for 90% of the yrs on Adderall I had been getting generic brands so I thought maybe getting name brand would be like some miraculous awakening, not so though… but I feel like even if it doesn’t do much its better than going back to nothing. So now my year is up and I’m back to figuring out what generic brand is good and what’s crap….this is total bullsh*t… there needs to be some kind of regulation for this generic industry, apparently they are allowed to fill the drugs with a bunch of crap and call it a generic drug. People with ADD/ADHD have real life struggles, why is this OK??? And the whole insurance “permission” bullsh*t pisses me off even more…we pay every month for our prescription plan why do we have to jump through hoops to get a name brand medication when we want it? My husband and I are basically healthy people, the only prescription meds I need are my ADD meds and maybe once in a while an antibiotic. My husband takes no monthly prescriptions either. I’d like to thank everyone in this forum though for relaying their experiences with the different generics out their. Since yesterday was day one of going back to generic I’ll keep a note of some of the terrible ones. I already had to jump from Wegmans who I’ve used for years to Costoc bc Wegmans only had the NorthStar generic brand. (Sorry for the rant by the way).

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    notcrazynora Good luck with your medication this month- Please keep us updated and I’ll do the same! Everything you said is right and all the excuses in the world doesn’t make these issue we are all Having with bad genetics ok.

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    I 100% agree. Although.. I’ve had a refill from elite laboratories and it worked just as well as teva. However, I’ve gotten Lannett and it literally makes me a narcoleptic. I am planning to file a complaint with the FDA. I suggest you do the same.

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    People have been filing complaints for at least a decade about this. I feel like it’s only gotten worse in spite of people, like us, making the complaint. I’m no pessimist but I feel like every time I try to reach out to doctors and filing complaints to FDA, that it falls on deaf ears. More times than not, filling my prescription is met with some “problem” or delay in being filled. I’ve been treated like my ADHD isn’t real and my doctor prescribed medication that I use medicinally, is unnecessary. I will file a new complaint anyway though- I Have just enough hope left that a change can happen. When my medication is right for me, my life is substantially improved. When medicine is wrong,my symptoms are worse than ever( rebound adhd I suppose). Let me know if you receive any feedback from your complaint and I’ll update everyone here as well.

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    I’m glad I found this page! I thought I was really going crazy or dying! I also was switched t the Lannett adderall and have been having problems. I’ve had stomachaches, sinus headaches and just haven’t felt like myself. I’ve been checking my temperature 5 times a day thinking I have COVID. I have an appointment with my Dr. tomorrow and maybe I’ll see if who Walgreens is using for the 30mg and have my Dr. prescribe those instead.

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    I believe Walgreens has switched to Lannett exclusively. I have filed a complaint on medwatch and as a result, have been contacted by Elite to call and do a phone interview regarding the issue. I am about to call and let them know the adhd forums and support groups have numerous posts about their inferior product. Luckily I found a psychiatrist who was willing to call smaller pharmacies until we found one who would order my preferred generic. So far I’ve been able to get Teva brand but on my last refill the pharmacist said He needed to have a script for a side effect as well to continue ordering a specific generic adderall. He suggested getting an appetite stimulant prescribed, even though I am overweight and don’t have an issue with not eating enough. I was taken so offguard that I neglected to ask questions like is my insurance company requiring this, the manufacturer or the pharmacy? Also which was weird he said the side effect medication had to be in a quantity 80% of my prescribed stimulant. So the sample prescription he gave me was for 300 pills of an appetite stimulant a month. I don’t get it? I don’t need it and why would I get a prescription that I’m just gonna throw in the trash? It has been my experience that the medication woes are the most difficult part of getting a diagnosis and dealing with treatment of ADHD.

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    Hello Everyone, My pharmacy has switched to Lannett Generic Brand. After taking it I too felt very ill and thought I had covid. I was very zombie-like and all i wanted to do was lay down. Other effects were muscle pain, slurred speech, feeling as if I had the flu, agitated, a bit aggressive, depressed and irritated. It definitely was affecting my nervous system negatively. The medicine did not work at all for my ADD. I tried taking it out of the capsule and taking it with apple sauce. Still the same effect. I had to stop taking it. This is super frustrating. This medicine should be banned immediately. Its a shame that we have to go without our meds because a generic is making us sicker or is not working and then have to search around for a pharmacy that carries a generic brand that works. This is insane.

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    I recently filled my generic Adderall prescription at a nearby Walgreens rather than my usual independent pharmacy, and over the past few weeks I’ve started to develop unusual symptoms and side effects. The therapeutic effects last 20 mins and after that my focus and concentration is worse than not taking medication at all. Other symptoms include: lethargy, irritability, lack of motivation, and anxiety. I’ve also started experiencing painful restless leg syndrome that ruins my quality of sleep and makes the following day even worse, and I’ve never had RLS before in my life.
    I’m almost entirely certain the the Lannett manufactured adderall at Walgreens is the cause of my symptoms, because I’ve never had any issues with the Teva manufactured generic adderall from my independent pharmacy.

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    De ja vu…. I was going through this same thing last year, many people posted different versions of the above stories and I was stunned then and decided to switch to the XR Brand only Adderall. I kinda forgot about all these crazy side-effects UNTIL! This month I tried the instant release again for an afternoon dose (Generic Lannett Co). It’s way more than just side-effects and I know the manufacturers and physicians say “Oh it’s the fillers, everyone has a different reaction to them.” sure sure… But these are not benign fillers based on the way my body and so many others are reacting. NOT TO MENTION the medication itself doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

    I have this cartoon image in my mind of Lannett’s factory/lab… It’s midday and time to switch from whatever random drug they are manufacturing to producing the generic adderall. They holler through the factory/lab and say “Okay time to switch to the generic adderall! Don’t bother cleaning off the other stuff, we can use that for the filling, we have a 10% window for bioavailability anyway.” Then I see them scraping the machines and adding ambiguous powder into these generic pills. The laws around pharmaceuticals here in the US is one of the most solid examples of how for profit healthcare is unethical. I work in healthcare so I am not saying we shouldn’t make a livable wage and earn what is deserved… but Big Pharma is the next beast on my list to dismantle. I work for an organization establishing one of the first NON-Profit Pharmaceutical Companies. Don’t stop sharing your experiences! It important we all understand it is not your body’s fault. We are complicated systems, each requiring what works for us. There are natural/ organic ways to support your health, WHILE still being helped by an ethical and responsibly produced modern drug.

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    kathlern 123

    Lannett is untakeable. I wrote to the company how horrible it is and they said o please call us tell us more. I haven’t yet but I will. It’s very important that we file a complaint with the FDA. Lannett is probably selling it cheap to the pharmacies so no one has Teva although Tevas website says that it is available at Walgreens and CVS. Those pharmacies say they won’t have it. If we don’t complain and also our doctors could be filing a report about negative side effects. I believe they are ethically if not legally expected to do so.

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    kathlern 123

    Lannett has had to withdraw several products due to impurities. FDA has written them up for lab problems. God knows what “impurities” are in their generic adderall. Go to this website for an easy way to help us get back decent meds! The FDA says if you have taken a Med and then switch to a different generic and had issues use this form. So let’s do it

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    Hi, I’m new to the site. I have been taking Teva Adderall and I was switched to Zydus Adderall before. Even though it was much cheaper, it makes me feel horrible. This month I got it again and I paid the same price as I do for my Teva!!! I switched to this small pharmacy because they carry Teva and I’m not treated badly. Most pharmacies would not fill 90,30mg. When they did it was the like me and my Dr didn’t know what works for me. But back to what I was saying. This other generic makes me feel bad and I got double charged!! I know that I can’t take them back but I want my money back that they over charged me. Has anyone else ever had this generic, if so how did it work for you?

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    My husband’s epilepsy responded to name brand but not generic and my brother who is in pharmaceuticals said that generic only has to work at something like 80% what the name brand does to get on the market (I can’t remember his exact words). Anyways, definitely tell your doctor or pharmacist you need the name brand and they can work with your insurance.

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    Omg after reading all of these comments im so relieved. I’ve taken adderal Brand Name before and I’ve never felt like this before. I felt slow, irritable, depressed and zombie like and I also got really anxious because of it! Felt like I was under water with my emotions. Tried it out a couple of more times just to be sure but NO. This generic med in specific is terrible!

    I used to get my medication from CVS but my insurance now only accepts generic so I switched to walgreens to save money but omg… worst mistake EVER. The meds are from Lannett and they are the worst!

    I tried both the Generic Adderrall from Lannet Dextroamphetamine/Amphetamine ER and the normal and theyre both not doing what theyre supposed to. The EXACT opposite I feel lethargic, unable to focus, and sleepy! WTF. I filed a formal complaint to the FDA and I suggest you do too if you have experienced this.

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    The same horrible experience happened to me as well. I’m 48 years old and have been on TEVA Adderall for 10 years. It’s always worked wonders for me. I take 10 mg twice a day and I’m have always been very focused and very active. The past two weeks I started feeling very run down, sleepy but uncomfortably tense. Just plain out like Sh**t. I went to the doctors to see if I was sick and everything came back normal. I finally happened to look at the bottle of Adderall yet I’m color blind and did not notice the pill was different colors but noticed it read LANNETT instead of TEVA. I stopped taking it for 2 days and felt better without it but not back to my “normal” self. I happend to find a leftover TEVA and took it and I was right back to I’ve been for 10 yrs. Needless to say I’m F’ing pissed and can’t find a pharmacy anywhere in OC California that will order it for me. They all seem to have switched to LANNET. I REFUSE to take the LANNETT trash!

    Any help or info on locating TEVEA PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!
    Thank you!!

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    Has anyone experienced any issues with the Alvogen brand?

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    I know most have complained to fda about crap generics. What if we contact Walgreens corporate and complain they won’t order Teva? I have had trouble finding any pharmacy to order Teva bc it’s more expensive than Lannett etc. they just say they can’t.

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      There’s so many different generics now.

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    Walgreens customer, not for long, can’t take this Lannett. Teva worked fine, this one, irritable as hell, sleepy after about an hour and just feel like hell. Doesn’t help with focus at all. I’m checking with my local independent pharmacy and switching. I did file a complaint with the FDA also.

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    On my search, Kroger Pharmacy said there’s a shortage. She said they normally carry Teva Brand, its their first choice but had to start using their second choice generic Lannett. I’ve been using Publix pharmacy for years. Then they switch to LANNETT generic. I had to find a small locally owned Pharmacy. They carry ANI generic which works ok.
    I notice there are so many companies that are now making generic adderall which is scary. Also, I’ve noticed that whenever the capsules & beads are a different color from the Brand, the generic is not going to be the same but if the capsule & beads are the same color or very similar as Brand its going to work just about the same as Brand Name.

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