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      My 6 year old 1st grade son is really struggling this year and myself, his teacher, the school psychologist and his counselor all think he has ADD and possibly anxiety issues. He is extremely figidity, easily frustrated, has emotional outbursts, and lack of focus and impulse control issues. I made an appointment with a Neuropsychologist that was highly reccomended. My question is, will the Neuropsychologist ever reccomend medication? Should I also take him to a Pediatric Neurologist at the same time?

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      Penny Williams

      A neuropsychologist is a good place to start. They will do a thorough evaluation and be able to provide diagnoses. From that information, you’ll be guided on next steps and referred on who to see for medication and other treatments and therapies.

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      Be mindful that neuropsychological testing isn’t always the most reliable or definitive. If can be helpful to see a psychologist or social worker that is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. Usually child therapists are good at this. Some child psychiatrists too.

      Neuropsychological testing can help with some executive functioning assessment and IQ testing, but it doesn’t always pick up the impairments of ADHD. It’s commonly referred to, though, even though it’s not a reliable indicator.

      A neurologist would probably not be warranted at this point, unless there are concerns for some kind of neurological disorder such as epilepsy or some other brain issue. It’s safest to start small and with providers who are more closely tuned to ADHD.

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      Dr. Eric

      Depending where you live, my first questions is what can you get funded by insurance?

      The best and most comprehensive assessments that I see are generally from neuropsychologists, but really, it is about the quality of the individual professional more than the letter after their name.

      I am not aware of meds being in their scope of practice, but many work with those that can… at the very least, the report can be shared with an MD.

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