Neuropsych testing after years of successful treatment?

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      I was diagnosed with ADD over 10 years ago by my PCP with no neuropsych testing. I have been taking Adderall since then and it significantly improves my quality of life!

      My PCP recently left his practice and I’m now seeing a psychiatric nurse practitioner who is requiring me to schedule a neuropsych test because he “needs one on the books.” I am a mom of two small children and work full time (i.e. Life’s a bit hectic) so this is causing me some anxiety.

      Does anyone have experience with neuropsych testing after years of successful treatment? Is the test conducted while I’m on my medication or would I not take it? What happens if the tests reveal I don’t have ADD? I’m not at a point in my life where I can just stop taking my meds- stakes are too high.

      And thoughts or advice that will help ease my anxiety about this testing is appreciated!

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      I was able to be treated without neuropsych testing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some organizations required the formal testing. And I completely understand your nervousness!

      Don’t be afraid to try and find a different provider, if that’s what you need. ADHD is real, and you know yourself better than anyone. There’s no guilt in trying a few providers. Sending hope your way!

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      I took a neuropsych test before my formal diagnosis. The day of my appointment I read in the book Driven to Distraction that neuropsych testing was not very effective in measuring adhd because the sterile environment and one on one testing make for a great temporary adhd treatment. I went to the appointment anyways.

      My results came back negative for attention problems and my psych said it was probably anxiety and depression. My results, however, also showed a major split in my verbal and performance (I think that’s what they were called). Anyways, in Driven to Distraction they said that often in neuropsych testing the focus tests do not indicate a problem but you see a gap in the verbal and performance scores, which is a good adhd indicator. The testing was pricey and the only helpful info was that gap.

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