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      Roughly 6-7 years ago I was diagnosed as type 2 bipolar. It runs rampant in my family and fit the symptoms very well. After the ups and major downs, one of which landed me in the hospital, I’m now very stable. Recently I was diagnosed with ADHD as well due to the problems I still have. This clicked in easily since the two often coexist. But as I was researching, I saw where it can make dealing with your emotions very hard and can be associated with something called “rejection sensitive dysphoria”. After reading up on that I realized it fit me scarily well. I didn’t know that was a thing. I’ve always been told to stop being so sensitive and have always been wounded most by disappointing someone, even if I apparently haven’t. And am ridiculously hard on myself. I figured this was my personality. But anyways, what I can’t seem to find is if type 2 bipolar, ADHD, and this RSD can coexist. My meds have clearly changed the chemistry in my brain so that I don’t get depressed without having a reason and typically don’t go hypomanic either. I stay on a pretty even kilter. But I still experience extremely strong emotions and often struggle to contain them. Luckily I’m the quiet angry. Lol. But I am hurt so easily that I don’t like to get close to people and fear that when they see the real me, they’ll run away. Which seems to be common in ADHD and almost the definition of RSD from what I can tell. I plan to talk to my doc soon, but does anyone know if it’s even possible to have all 3 coexisting?

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