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      Hi! Everyone here is so helpful! We have four children and my oldest is ADHD/ODD, we are currently getting my youngest (Kindergarten) evaluated and have a strong suspicion that he will be as well. My middle children are extremely neurotypical. Every day after work, I come home and require them to get homework done. My oldest needs anywhere from 1-3 hours of one on one help (meaning someone making sure he is working), my youngest needs at least 30 min – 1 hr of one on one help for speech practice, letter practice, etc. We are struggling with chaos at this time. Because, I cannot be in both places at once, and my two middle children spend 10 minutes getting their work done and the rest of the time distracting the others. We’ve tried sending the oldest to his room to focus, which doesn’t work because he is distracted by his toys, etc.

      I really need tried and true advice for things that might work. I’ve contemplated a desk in his room, noise cancelling headphones. I just am curious what might have worked for others!

      Thank you in advance!

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      Penny Williams

      Instead of separating the child who needs quiet and help, separate the kids that are quickly done. Require quiet play for an hour, or have them play somewhere contained and away from kids who are still doing homework.

      With gratitude,

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