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      Ill try to make this pretty short for ya lol🙂

      My 12yo daughter has mod-severe ADHD. She also has mild depression& moderate anxiety. In the past couple yrs I’ve been noticing what her triggers are for <mental/emotional> positive stimulation & over stimulation. Along w/that I’ve learned that touching is very important to her. She wants to know how a lot of stuff feels& smells. Maybe some of you can relate but getting her to cleanse herself via 🚿 or 🛁 is….well….it would just be easier to pull a tooth outta my mouth right there on the spot. The arguing, the attitude, the crying…UUGGGH😫. Did ya’ll know I recently won the Worst Mother EVER Of The Year Award? Yep yep! Totally & solely nominated by my 12yo who is in her first year of Jr High! And all because I want her to have/keep/develop a good hygiene regimen and understand why its important. I swear shes not new to the whole bathing concept. I swear Ive properly taught her how to take care of herself in that manner! Then WHY the crunch is she acting like this?! Okay Im sorry. I could rant & release for days so Ill get to the point. Once I actually do get her in the water she is a brand new child! She thoroughly enjoys it. Like a fat kid enjoys a buffet. Buuut…she wants something to play surg. Something to keep her hands busy and her overactive brain satisfied. No joke she’ll hop right outta the tub totally wet & sudsy to come down the hall to ask/tell me something. GET BACK IN THE TUB CHILD!!! Bottom line is she needs tub toys that will keep her engaged, happy and is somewhat age appropriate-close to her age. I’ve reasearched it and big kid tub toys only go up to like ages 6-8. She plays with her little bro & sis (ages 4 & 6) bc that’s what’s available & all that doesn’t buy much time. She has a waterproof pouch for her phone so she can listen to music and/or do puzzles on it. I do NOT allow this every time bc not only does that increase screen time but if she is in a …lets say…FAR FROM a good mood as possible, that phone + water (in waterproof pouch or not) equals RIP cell phone lol. <Siiigh. Funny. Not funny. >

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      Bathing can be pretty boring, and ADHD brains don’t like boring. My teen listens to music or videos while in the shower. He wouldn’t shower without it. The iPad stays on the counter, so he can’t see it, but hearing something interesting is enough.

      Try asking your daughter why she doesn’t want to bathe and what she thinks would help her do better with hygiene.

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      I know there are bath paints, basically like colored soap that can be used to paint the walls of the bathtub. Maybe if she likes to paint you could try that? Otherwise i’d suggest taking showers and finishing them as quickly as possible. Personally I sing or zone out in the shower once i’ve finally gotten the motivation to get in. My younger siblings keep bubbles in the shower to blow and i’m guilty of getting distracted by their toys occasionally.

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      I second the shower idea! Baths are boring. 🙂 I had a shower radio in middle school, and I listened to the same radio show every night at 9. Maybe a waterproof blutooth speaker with a playlist or audiobook? That way, she doesn’t have to touch her phone while she’s in the tub, and you can set a timer for her for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes, trying to finish before the timer goes off can be a motivator. There’s a big difference between bathing to relax and just getting yourself clean. Maybe she could shower during the week and save baths for weekends? Then they’d be more novel and hold her interest better. Maybe a rubix cube or similar hand-type puzzle could keep her engaged, or reading or sudoku type books.

      As an adult, I still need music on in the shower. Otherwise, I forget whether I shampooed my hair. 🙂

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