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      My son just turned 13 and was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8. I had him get a second opinion at age 10 and he was diagnosed with the same by a different medical professional at that time as well. Back in 2016, we started him on a limited / starter dose of Concerta. He was only on it for a week and my wife put an end to it because he complained of some side effects. Since then, we have had extensive problems with him in terms of his behavior. Since 2016, things have gotten progressively worse with his behavior. In fact, it got so bad over the past year that my wife finally relented this spring at the doctors’ and my urging to get him on meds. We started on the same dosage of Concerta that he had been on in 2016 (I believe it was 18mg/day). He complained and struggled to swallow the small pill once again (like the last time in 2016) . So, at the advice of the doctor, we switched over to a starter dose of Biphentin. They are capsules with tiny little white balls inside. He obviously refused to swallow the dissolvable capsule but would empty the contents into a spoon and take them with juice.

      We started at 20mg and went up by 10mg weekly until we got to 50mg. Then my wife wanted to reduce the dose to 45mg. Then she wanted to reduce it to 40mg. All the while, he seemed to be doing much better on the drug. However, before really sticking with a solid dose that was working, she wanted to reduce it. She managed to convince our family doctor to drop the dose to 40mg. Since then we have been experiencing more issues once again — especially in between doses (at night and in the morning).

      It’s been a constant battle with my wife to medicate him — which he badly needs and which has proven to help tremendously. And when my wife continues to fight to get the dosage reduced, my son takes his side and believes that it’s the best thing to do. The side effects he complains about are probably more in his head than real. Yes, he has some side effects, however, her constant complaints and efforts to reduce the dose make it way worse. In fact, I bet I could give him a placebo and he’d still complain of side effects — especially if we told him he was taking a high dosage.

      I am not sure that Biphentin is the best medication for him. I am quite sure he needs more of it if it is the right one. The biggest problem I have is my wife’s attitude towards meds and I am not sure what to do about it.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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      Penny Williams

      Start keeping a daily journal of how he’s doing on medication. Record the med and dose, and then any positives and negatives. Seeing the bigger picture of when things have improved or not is easier when it’s recorded daily.

      Remember, it’s her fear and concern that is driving this. She’s coming from a place of good intentions, but letting the what-ifs guide her decisions.

      Some tips in this article may help as well:

      I Want to Medicate My Child—But My Spouse Does Not

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