Need help and information about moving to the U.S with medication

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      Dear all,
      I´m a german citizen moving to the U.S. I just don´t know how the american health system is working. I got medicated for decades and the german insurance covers all visits and I just have to pay 5€ per prescribed box.
      But my questions are:
      -which insurance could cover my costs to see a psychiatrist?
      -Do I have to pay myself the full price for medication?

      I hope someone can lighten this issue up for me 🙂


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      Penny Williams

      There are many different insurance plans to choose from in the U.S. And it might be employer-provided or something you have to choose and purchase on your own. What is covered and how much it costs you within that coverage depends on the plan you have. Within your plan, you’re likely to pay a fixed rate for psychiatrist visit and a fixed rate for the medication (called a copay). Those costs are fixed for one year within your insurance plan, and then can change every new plan year.

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