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      My husband got a new job and we switched health insurances from Kaiser to UnitedHealthcare and now I need to find a new doctor for my adderall and xanax. I get anxiety just thinking about it! I have been on adderall since I was in highschool and I am now 34 years old, so roughly 16 years. Always went to the same practice until we were forced to get Kaiser because United wasn’t offering insurance to people in my area that wasn’t through an employer. So we made the switch to Kaiser and that was a pain in the ass. I had to take some test on the computer (I think it was the Connors CPT test) but once I got through the initial visits, it wasn’t too bad. I was able to get 3 months worth at a time for my adderall and a monthly supply for my xanax. Then my husband got a new job offering UnitedHealthcare insurance and we made the switch and now I am dreading finding a new doctor. All the doctors from my previous practice when I was on United are no longer there and also we moved so I wanted to see if I could find somewhere closer. I don’t want a psychiatrist, they are too expensive. I have worked well in the past with family practices. Any advice on finding a new doctor to manage my adderall and xanax? Out of my 16 plus years on adderall I never new finding a new doctor for my medication would be so scary and difficult until I had to make the switch to Kaiser.

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