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      So I just recently turned 24. Diagnosed with ADD (more inattentive and anxiety symptoms) in high school at 17. Took vyvanse for all high school. At the time, it worked really well for me and pretty much curbed my depression and anxiety.

      Was off stimulants for a while due to battle with Lyme disease, etc. I was reacting to Vyvanse very badly all of a sudden—likely because I was suffering all kinds of symptoms from Lyme, etc.

      I started fresh with a new psychiatrist and did a brain scan at a nationally reputable psychiatrist clinic.

      He prescribed me mydayis, which he said was relatively new at the time. Triple bead release supposed to be smooth and steady. Started at 12.5 mg, worked way up to 25 mg. Settled at 25 mg as I felt symptom relief. Tried 37.5 mg at one point, but didn’t notice too much difference except maybe some more minor muscle tightness,etc. Thus, I decided to stick @ 25 mg. Been on 25 mg for about two years by now.

      Overall it has worked well, it is very smooth and subtle, lasts a long time, and I still feel like myself. Just suffer minimal common stimulant side effects like minor jaw tightness, etc.

      Do any other adults take MYDAYIS and at what DOSE HAVE YOU FOUND MOST SUCCESS WITH?

      If not mydayis, what drug have you found to work best for adult ADD symptoms?

      Many thanks.

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      Penny Williams

      There are some user experiences with Mydayis here:

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      I used to take vyvanse and switched over to mydayis. I took the 25 for a good like 4 months and then went to the 37.5mg for about a month. I noticed the same, truthfully didn’t feel too much of a difference except a bit more of muscle tightness. Now it’s been about a week for me taking the 50mg of mydayis. I’m thinking of going back down a dose. It’s strange because it’s an up and down experience this week. It feels like at certain parts of the day I never took the medication but at other times it works very well. However, with the 50mg I get dry mouth and just a small bit of anxiety. So far no agitation or anything too overwhelming, but I didn’t have a great experience with vyvanse due to the anxiety issue which led to agitation. So if it persists, I’d rather not take the chance and go down a dose.

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