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    My success story with ADHD has two parts:

    The first part is that after high school I never thought I’d be able to go to college, let alone be successful there. Well, I actually ended up going to a 4-year college (after a brief break and a short stint in community college). And I was able through hard work and a lot of support to thrive there; both academically and socially. I ended up graduating with a 3.44 GPA and with the distinction of Cum Laude.

    Now flash-forward to nearly a decade later and I’m finding some success at work. I’ve got a job I love and for the first time ever people are giving me a lot of professional praise. It’s the first job I’ve had where I’m being considered for promotions and being given the chance to train in other parts of the company. I feel accomplished and it makes me proud that they don’t even know about my ADHD and are still giving me praise.

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    Congratulations !!! Did you take any medications ? We need to hear more of these ! I think some people really strive with adhd I have a few friends with adhd that stand out ! They are really successful socially and professionally! You are one of them ! Keep it up

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    I took medication until I was 18 and then I stopped taking it all-together, and have been medication free since. My success comes as the result of a lot of hard work and having the right support system in place.

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