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    I’m 26 and I’m web developer in Spain. I studied accounting finance when I was 16, and then had my first 3 month job as a final part of the study.
    First, I was a bit interested in the tasks but next week I found this work a LOT BORING. Everyday I had to do the same and I was not motivated. 400 hours felt like 4000, and I decided to not continue working in the future doing this tasks.

    Then I studied Web developing and I had great exams without study. My first 3 month job was about simple web pages, but I was motivated. But in about 2 o 3 weeks, this simple pages was SO easy for me and I was not motivated anymore. I spent days doing anything. I spent time in forums, news, or just finding plugins for my programs, just for not working in the boring task.

    Finaly, I decided not to work in this business and decided to study a little more.

    Then, I had my first paid job 4 years ago (and still working). I’m in a online shop, so I have different tasks, such as web developing, account programs developing, or other tasks. This keeps me motivated, but, sometimes, when a project is boring or I don’t feel it motivating, I can spend 2 o 3 days without doing a thing, just spend the day being there.

    I feel bad when it happens, but now I know why I did it.

    When I’m focus, I’m able to do whatever I want, much quicker than the others, this is why I can surprise others and get a job fast.

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