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      Well he recently started an Anxiety Ned for Anxiety & is on Adderall. It was working great but the dose was increased which I wasn’t fond of yet. We live with my parents they have helped me in my hard times. At the same time tho, my father specifically has spoiled him like he did me. We’ve been trying to work together over a year now, very intense and lots of yelling to be honest.I have tried to be enforcer & we lost in home therapy program because of lack of my parents enforcing rules and schedule. My now 10 year old son still sleeps with them and is my Dad’s right hand man & treats me like the child. Very unhealthy.
      I am at my wits end. He’s now losing weight and won’t even eat Hes on his phone all day long & now they got him a chromebook I thought for school but when I take phone he’s on there. They don’t ever back me up. He is so frail and skinny. Not doing his 10 minutes of math facts. I’m stressed to the max!! They are not backing me up & act like I’m the crazy out of control bad persom. All my therapists understand.
      I have a recheck with his Psych to Lower the Adderall back to 5 mg. My dad also gives him his meds and does everything for him. They have a control thing going on. My dad likes to psychologically mess with me or control theyqatvh over my shoulder for no reason. I should watch over there’s.
      Please help. I will be moving out soon but my son is so scared of change & has reasons to as well, but we have to it’s no god for us here. His therapists know this.
      Any tips on the eating thing – he looks malnourished? I’m seeing a supplement specialist in 2 weeks 👍 and any tips on the and obsesseion with screen time? He’s not doing the homework. My parents were originally against the Addaerall- but soon changed their mind when added to Anxiety Ned- Zoloft. I have to regulate with people working against me? Thank you

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