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      H. O. L. L. O. W

      I had a doctor recently transfer to a different position, same company (he went to run a treatment center exclusively) as he was transferring I ended a relationship which caused me to move away for 2 months in a different state. Upon my return ***(I couldn’t function without my medicine and couldn’t get it in the state I moved to)*** I went directly back to the company that I was being treated 2 months prior. ***New doctor, same company*** I was told that I would never be given stimulants!!!!
      To my horror I said, I am a patient of the previous doctor***(still employed by the same company)*** I have records and a diagnosis. I was told that it didn’t matter I’m not going to help you!!!! Sooooooo the stack of records that you have mean nothing, but the constant typing that takes place now, with the same questions over and over are valid and important????? In utter horror and frustration I saught out a doctor I had seen for 3 years prior to this doctor, in the hopes that his stack of records would surely be valid and certainly get me back on my meds. I made an appointment and explained i was a previous patient, and that he had 3 years of records and a diagnosis……..i was told that it’s too much paperwork to get me back on my meds and finding my records would take too much time!!!!!!!😱😳🤯…. again I asked why those 3 years of records mean nothing but the constant typing and asking the same questions over and over Are basically gold.
      *****to be continued*****

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      I don’t know of a way to help except to say that I’m sorry. I am.

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      I’m really sorry this happened but you have to find another Dr. My job requires me to move a lot. Each time I have to find a new doctor, and each time it is a ton of work, making phone call after phone call where I am told they won’t help me. But so far, in four different states, I have managed to eventually find someone who will listen. And once they listen they give me my meds. It is unfair and a lot of work, but if the meds are that important in your life, you have to be willing to do this.

      The best place to go is a private psychiatrist. Centers with multiple workers have much stricter policies. The down side is this is very expensive, and they almost never take insurance. I don’t know your situation, but I know with me every other financial cost in my life comes after my medical care. I cringe when I think about how much money I spend on this, even when I have good insurance! But being able to live a relatively normal life is priceless.

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      I had the same with NHS doctor’s, took years to finally see an ADHD specialist but after his report and suggested prescription the doctor’s won’t prescribe it so back to square one. I went to a private psych and he actually fell asleep in both sessions. £400 an he was so rude, didn’t listen and then fell asleep . He prescribed me ritalin which I said I didn’t want and now i have been waiting another 3 months for the doctor’s to prescribe me what the ADHD specialist suggested so trying to find a new doctor. They don’t seem to know anything about it in the UK.

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      Terrible situation. If medications are important for you to fight for them, try to find a chief doctor or write a complaint that you were not helped in the hospital. I don’t understand what a modern world is where there is NO in hospitals.

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      Why won’t he give you stimulants? Will he prescribe you non-stimulants?

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      After my family doctor proved too busy to work with me to get meds straightened out and effective,I was referred to a local psychiatry practice. They called me on the phone to do my intake and in the process told me that they didn’t prescribe ANY SCHEDULED MEDS I’m in the US, here a scheduled med are meds that could potentially be abused or addictive, they fall in 4 different classes, schedule I is meds that aren’t, like cocaine or heroin. Schedule II are meds like adderall, ritalin, morphine and dilaudid. schedule III and IV are meds like tylenol w/codeine, benzodiazepines and some sleeping pills like lunesta and ambien. If a psych practice won’t prescribe stimulants it’s a pretty good bet they aren’t well versed in ADHD.

      On the prescriber end in the US there are some pretty onerous conditions they have to follow and some practices decide it’s too much of a pain in the butt. They won’t prescribe and that’s the end of it. We also have a shortage of psychiatrists which doesn’t help.

      I hope this information helps and if anyone can give a rundown of how this stuff works in other nations it might help folks navigate a system that tends to mistreat ADHD adults at times.

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