My extreme response to repetitive movements.

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      So after a reasonable amount of research I’ve diagnosed myself with Misophonia.
      I attack my partner for every movement he makes… apparently.
      I didn’t realise it was a ‘thing’ for me until someone in work commented-
      ‘Haha, that’s really funny, she’s got a tapping phobia!’
      They all tapped together and took the p*ss out of me and I could have walked out on my career.
      Just about held it together and went home with fake period pains.
      I’m glad it’s got a name but worried it’s not recognised.
      Does anyone else feel my pain?

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      Might it be sensory dysphoria, I believe it is called? You might want to try a search on the site for articles.

      I’ve found that I have developed an increased sensitivity to certain colors that I didn’t have until the last few years…to the point that I can’t stand to stay on a site with those colors. Like you, I invested in reading and asking questions on this site. I’m hoping combination therapy will help calm my responses.

      It’s good you asked your question and are trying to find a solution to calm your responses, too. I expect you aren’t alone with this particular sensitivity.

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