My doctor took me off Adderall because I don't have a "real job"?

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      I suspected that I had ADHD for a long time before taking a screening test from my PCP. After a personal interview, I was diagnosed with combination ADHD. It took months to even get them to prescribe me Adderall at all because they insisted on trying Wellbutrin and Phentermine first. I found this a little odd, but I’m the patient not the the doctor so I agreed to try. Unsurprisingly, neither worked and my PCP finally tried Adderall. It worked like a dream and until taking it I had no idea how badly my ADHD was hindering me. It made me feel like a different person (in the best way possible). The unexplained lethargy and inattentiveness was gone and I was able to do everything I wanted to do in a day without issue. Aside from this my overall mood improved and my anxiety stopped bothering me as much.
      I went back in for my 6 week checkup, excited to tell them how well Adderall was working for me and to get a refill so I could keep living my best life. It felt like a slap in the face when the RN relayed that they were taking me off Adderall and putting me back on Phentermine, a drug that never worked for me. The explanation was that I did not have a “real job” and therefore didn’t have anything to be focusing on. I am a full-time caregiver for my mother, who is a disabled veteran. After explaining this and how positively Adderall was changing my life, I was met with the same response. To further add insult to injury, I was told “Adderall isn’t for helping you clean house” as if there was an underlying implication that I was abusing the drug? I tried asking what I would need to do to be put back on and never really got a straight answer aside from “a job outside of the home” and even then it seemed at their discretion for what job would be worthwhile. I also tried asking about alternatives I could try, but they insisted Wellbutrin and Phentermine were my only options.
      I am terribly confused and upset. Is this normal or is this nonsense? I am seriously considering changing doctors because of this.

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      Personally I’d advise changing doctors. It sounds like they have a very biased view of ADHD based on stigma and prejudice, and I wouldn’t think they’d be providers you’d want to continue working with. I know it can be a pain to look for a new provider, but that’s probably the easiest option. Especially if they’re neither willing to listen to your input or offer a good explanation based on evidence to justify their decision.

      ADHD effects all areas of life, like you know, and you don’t just provide medication so people can work. It’s funny because they said, “We don’t provide medication so you can clean your house” but does that mean they DO provide it so people can work? That seems ridiculous. ADHD medication is not a performance enhancer. It’s a medicine needed for a medical condition. It’s appropriate, evidence-based treatment for the disorder and it’s backed by national and international guidelines.

      I’d suggest switching providers, but it’s definitely up to your preference. I know providers who work with ADHD and who are willing to prescribe medication are pretty limited. That being said, if you express to them that the reason your doctor didn’t keep prescribing it was because you don’t have a job outside the home, they might be more willing. You may even want to go to the length of asking your current doctor to put that justification in writing so that when you do seek a new provider you can get the records to prove why they made that choice.

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      First, your doctor is an idiot. Fire them. Get another PCP. Second, don’t see a PCP for a mental disorder. You have the right to fire your doctor. Sorry to be blunt but it is true.

      It’s also possible Wellbutrin helps to some degree. My old (don’t see them anymore because I am stable on my med combo) P-Doc put me on Wellbutrin and she puts every ADHD patient on them and most of them do well, but Adderall does great as a synergizer. I take both and it helps.

      In the meantime, DLPA might help, or some other suppliments/aminos. DLPA can help increase the dopamine in the brain.

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