My doctor prescribed brintellix + strattera + effexor

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      I have anxiety and adhd I am taking effexor for 8 years and today my doctor prescribed atomoxetine and vortioxetine. What do you think is anyone have advise?

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      Penny Williams

      I am not a clinician, but I try not to add more than one new medication at a time. If you do that and have negative side effects, you don’t know which medication or interaction to attribute it to.

      As well, that is essentially taking 3 anti-depressants at once. Atomoxetine (Strattera) was trialed as an antidepressant (it is an SNRI) but ended up being approved for ADHD — it has the same black box warning about suicidal ideation that all antidepressants do (at least here in the US). While it’s possible that one would need all 3 medications and all 3 can safely be taken together, I personally would ask more questions, since your doc is adding a 2nd antidepressant and adding two new medications at once.

      Maybe it’s time for a 2nd opinion?


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