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      My childs school would like to do an evaluation to see if he has a learning disability.
      I am very hesitant on doing this because I am scared of what I dont know.
      He is doing fine academically but he has many symptoms suggesting he may have ADD.
      (lack of focus, forgetting things constantly, toe walker, etc.)
      My husband and I dont agree on this. My husband thinks its something he will grow out of.
      I dont know if that is true and I feel like its something we should consider.
      I guess I just want to know some stories about school evaluations and what accommodations were made after the diagnoses?
      I feel very alone right now. I dont want to put him on medication (I am not saying medication is bad) just that I would
      prefer not to but if a diagnoses would open up more opportunities for added help in his academics, that would be great.
      I just need some support.

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      Penny Williams

      If your child is struggling in any way, you should seek an evaluation so you can get the information to help them. If it’s something he will “grow out of” like a phase or just a lot of energy, that will be the result of the evaluation. If it’s something clinical, like ADHD, then you’ll know there’s more going on and you need to address it.

      If you want to help your child succeed, which I know you do, then an evaluation is needed.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I am a Resource Specialist in a Catholic school, in my 25th year here. I wish I had a dollar for every family that a) didn’t want their child ‘labeled’ so refused evaluation, or ‘didn’t believe in medication [for ADHD]’. I finally learned to say, kindly, to those first parents: ‘It’s too late – we are sitting her talking because your child already has labels, and they aren’t necessarily ones you’d like. In the absence of understanding why s/he can’t sit still, blurts out, has trouble learning, etc. etc. there will be labels – disruptive, doesn’t care, unwilling to try, and many more. Once we, as a school, understand that there is documented ADHD, visual discrimination issues, auditory processing difficulty etc. etc we suddenly have empathy and sympathy. With you, the primary educator, and your doctor, OT, PT, tutor etc. we can make school fun and manageable instead of a nightmare for your child.

      And the number of lovely parents who, after finally trying recommended medication for ADHD, sit with me with tears in their eyes over the lost days/years when their fears and misperceptions kept them from trying this route…

      Please trust the professionals in your school, your pediatrician, and other recommended sources to give you good advice. Be willing to try what they suggest, knowing that often the first medication or therapy of any kind suggested may not be the best one. Keep an open mind and know that we in this field have years of experience and would not lead you astray!

      Janice Richey, RS

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      Dr. Eric

      An overgeneralization, but…
      Schools get a lot of bogus assessment requests.

      (See the Elite College cheating scandal, you have no idea how many requests for honors kids we get to get extra time on the SATs. My last district job before I switched to charter schools. One out of my nine psychologists was funded to solely deal with rich private school assessment requests. Less than 10% qualified.)

      If they are asking for one, they likely are very legitimately concerned and want to find out more.
      You are not committing to anything other than the assessment and hearing the results.

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