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      So, I need some advice/help.
      I’ve been with my boyfriend for some time now and I’ve noticed a lot of things and I have started to think that he may have an ADD. He has said that it’s really difficult for him to start doing different tasks / school work and he always leaves everything on the last minute, especially things that he doesn’t want to do. And he has also said that he feels really spacey and “foggy” when he tries to do school stuff. He forgets stuff pretty easily, procrastinates and is having a hard time at studying, mainly because he can’t focus on anything and is easily distracted. He is 18 and is having important exams soon and is stressing about them because he believes that he is stupid and inefficient. I do know that he’s not either of those things. He used to be very good at school, but then on lower high his grades started to slip. Even though he is not able to focus on things like studying, he can get absorbed in things he likes for hours, e.g. playing guitar.

      My boyfriend is really frustrated because he doesn’t know what is wrong with him ( he has noticed that something is up ) and he doesn’t know what to do. He has never been diagnosed with anything, but he said that he has always felt this way, mainly now it has started to affect his life. I haven’t spoken him about my suspicions or anything, because I don’t know how to start. I feel like it would be a great help if some professional could check if he has anything and maybe the diagnose would help him. I love him so much and it pains me to see him feeling so down. So I’m asking if you have any similar experiences / advice / stories that you could share with me. I don’t know what to do. Especially, how do I start this kind of conversation with him and maybe get him to the doctor or something?

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      Penny Williams

      If he’s expressing concern, it opens the door for you to discuss it further. You could point him to some online self-tests that could help him start moving in the right direction for some help.

      [Self-Test] Could You Have Adult ADHD?

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