My anxiety is so bad but I’m only medicating my ADHD. Can anyone assist?

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      Hi, I’ve been taking Elvanse 50mg for several
      Months now which has had a positive impact on my adhd but my anxiety is really bad at the moment and it’s getting worse.

      I’ve never been prescribed anything for anxiety and feel I really need to do something about it.

      Does anyone on here take Elvanse & another separate medication for anxiety?

      Does anyone else feel their anxiety has increased massively whilst taking Elvanse?

      It’s starting to really take over my life and I need to get this under control.


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      Hello! So sorry you are suffering. Anxiety is so tough. I take Adderall XR and zoloft. I was taking zoloft for about a year before my adhd diagnosis. Just so you know, initially the zoloft made my anxiety worse, but that went away with a higher dosage. Anxiety meds are different than adhd meds in that they take about a month to kick in, so don’t get discouraged if they don’t work right away. The first 2 days starting zoloft made me nauseous and drowsy, but that went away too.

      I only say that because I don’t want you to feel discouraged about anxiety meds at the beginning since they are so very helpful and I wholeheartedly recommend them. I thought my doc would take me off of them when I got my adhd diagnosis, but she kept me on them and I am grateful.

      The feeling is similar to the lifting of overwhelm that comes with adhd pills, but it is more a lifting of panic from your chest. I also feel like my emotions (positive and negative) are way more in control now that I am on both medications. I may still have anxious thoughts, but my body doesn’t react to them anymore and it kinda trains my brain that the thoughts are just thoughts and there is no reason to get revved up.

      My husband takes venlafaxine for his ocd/anxiety because zoloft did not work for him. I believe you can take a genetic test to see which pills would work for you, but I haven’t done that.

      I hope you find relief soon! Definitely go to the doc about it asap. The anxiety itself kept me from asking for help for a long time and the meds make a giant difference.

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      I know that they offer Wellbutrin as ADHD medicine and it is also an anti-anxiety med. You might want to talk to your doctor about it.

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      H. O. L. L. O. W

      ADHD and anxiety run hand in hand in my experience. I taketake a drug called Gabapentin (Neurontin). It totally REMOVED anxiety from my life. No side effectsfor me, no Loopiness like xanax or valium (which never worked for me because those drugs make me hyper and tweeky, like I imagine stimulants affect non ADHD people) Gabapentin is a miracle to me. Talk to your doctor, try it. It may do for you what it did for me

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      I have a lot of experience with anxiety; it runs in my family.

      You may or may not be healthy enough for it, but the one thing that’s helped me the most is vigorous exercise. 10 minutes on an elliptical machine, or 20 minutes of really fast walking, cuts it down about 75%. This is not for people with heart problems, temperature regulation problems, etc.

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      Penny Williams

      Anxiety or increase in anxiety is a common side effect for ADHD. Many people take a stimulant in addition to ADHD medication. Talk to your doctor about all of this.

      Treatment for the Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Anxiety is the worst! I learned when I was doing neurofeedback treatment that one part of my brain was overactive(anxiety) and another part was underactive (depression) which explains ADHD to me. I found Ritalin worked for both my anxiety/hyperactivity and Wellbutrin for depression.

      The thing about medications is that they only manage symptoms. I took medication until I found lasting changes through Neurofeedback. I have not had chronic anxiety in 7 years. There are other options if you are open to them.

      p.s. My older sister, niece, brother, bestfriend all have chronic anxiety and will never consider Neurofeedback though they can see the change in me. It is a very scary idea to many. All I can say is the level of relaxation I felt during treatment was something I have never felt before or since.


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