My ADHD and OCD doubtfull?


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      I am 46 Year Old Male, I believe I had ADHD and OCD from childhood on wards. Treated intermittently but on SSRI s like Escitalopram which subsides my OCD, but My ADHD not improving. But my Doctor upon my own insisting gave Strattera 25+25 only.Two months gone no change. My doctor seems not convinced about my ADHD because I have not many ADHD symptoms. I don’t forget things, no driving problems, no quarrelsome nature, no late for work, no sleep problem.
      only problem cant sit for long and work. jumps up go for tea, browse, start different projects( I am self employed) no project complete financial mess, less working memory ( cant remember a two digit number mentioned in the previous page of a book) but all other normal daily and long term memory ok. very tensed over relations with spouse ( they say I expect them to be just as I wish) but with others no quarrel. but if a quarrel with heated exchange with some outsider , I consider him as non existent for ever.
      I think I have many ADHD OCD problems but on lot of things I am normal. Life utter failure ,mainly on work and finance.
      But Doctor seems this is not serious and not giving me a stimulant which I want to try. cant understand why?
      If I take a online ADHD test I will not qualify as a high ADHD. But My anxiety and OCD is sometimes killing me if I am without SSRIs. But this Straterra is not helping?
      Any inputs for me?

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      Penny Williams

      Stimulant medications can increase anxiety and OCD, so that may be why your doctor doesn’t want to prescribe a stimulant. And some symptoms of OCD can look like ADHD.

      OCD and ADHD: The Polar Opposites That Are Not

      Many ADHD experts find it best to get anxiety under control first, then treat the ADHD.

      The bottom line though, is this: you need to be comfortable with your doctor and feel like they are valuing your input. So, it may very well be time for a 2nd opinion from a new doctor.

      Finding a Doctor or Therapist Who Works for You

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      If you are able, I would suggest something that I know helps me: running regularly.

      Don’t take my word for it:

      “Researchers found that aerobic exercise increases the neuron reserves in the hippocampus area of the brain, responsible for learning.
      And importantly, exercise such as running boosted these reserves far more than high intensity training (HIT) or resistance training.”

      That said, I am in a daily dose of Concerta, and I do struggle with anxiety. However, after facing some of my fears, talking to a psychologist, and starting the meds, I don’t struggle with anxiety like I once did.


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      You should ask your doctor about akathisia (aka “inability to sit”). Here is the Wikipedia page:

      As you can see, it’s a side effect from the kind of medication you are taking (if you Google “akhatisia escitalopram”, you’ll get more specific stuff). I know somebody who had this, and heard of others, and it’s brutal (give me ADHD any day!). It’s literally impossible to sit still or focus on one thing, and it can trigger extreme anxiety. ADHD medication wouldn’t help for that. You will need to change your medication and/or add something that might calm this down (most likely a benzo like Diazepam).

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      Thanks for the info. Let me discuss it with my doctor.

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      I have had symptoms of both OCD and ADD. Trichotillomania (hair pulling) since 16. Now 69. Somewhat controlled by medication.
      ADD…off the charts disorganized until now.

      Get the APP on IPhone: Vital for ADD.

      Use it as directed.

      In about two weeks I am having KICK ASS results of focus traction.


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        Thanks for the tip. I am using Nokia. But let me check what can I do. Thanks again.
        btw Attentrol (Strattera) and Escitalopram plus etizolam is slowly brought me back to rails.
        I think I am getting better.
        But my doctor is also suggesting to use apps because ADHD life is medication plus external support with such tactics
        Thanks again

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      I am 53 and have ADHD and OCD. I take Concerta and Trazadone. I used to take Xanax but found it aggravate my anxiety. I choose to leave in the medicine cabinet. I go for a long walk every am, workout, and get ready for work. After work, I use weights to relieve stress. During work I keep a steno pad for each day and write down things I need to do, things I accomplished, and track things I am supposed to remember. I visit a family therapist every Wednesday to talk about my stressors which is a big help! I also changed my eating habits which have helped me to naturally lose about 100 pounds. I keep Omega 3 snacks at work for the end of the day when my brain power gets low.

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