My 21 yr old Just started with sensory issues.

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      Ok. My 16 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve been in forums before regarding her. Today I’d like to talk about my 21 yr old son. Never diagnosed with anything really. Has had some occasional anxiety but mostly with school work and good grades. Never made him feel anxious about school because he was always a good student. Lately, maybe the past year, he has been having a lot of sensory issues. Certain clothing, smells, even walking on snow (yes with boots on) drives him crazy. I’m not sure why but he did have a stressful year in college academically. He has since decided to change his major, thankfully.
      Any ideas what I should do? Why would this begin at 21? HELP.

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      Penny Williams

      Stress is a very powerful thing, especially if the stress was chronic and traumatic. It changes the brain. Stress could have certainly triggered this, but you’d really need a visit with a clinician to help determine for sure what’s going on.

      Why School Stress Is Devastating for Our Children

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      Thank you so much Penny. He does have his physical in 2 weeks and this will be talked about.

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